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Many of us will agree than Blanderlord could do with a few improvements in the areas of, well everything really.

Here are the mods that keep me playing in spite of the irritations caused by the lack of immersion, diplomacy, troop trees that make sense, AI intelligence, etc.

1. Character Reload Fix: let's you change every aspect of your character & NPCs from appearance to stats, and even includes the ability to change the awful dull banners the game spews out for raised companions. Mainly use it to change the newly created clans (from raised companions) to include a female clan member, change to awful banners, and improve dwarfs/giants/ugly-as-heck NPC issues. Also change the stupid armour assignments that give useless NPCs who lead parties top of the line armour while giving actual useful NPCs low tier armour. Another option is Detailed Character Creation mod, but I prefer this one.
2. Party AI Overhaul: Make your clan parties useful, trade prisoners with your clan parties, upgrade their troops, and many other essential features we had in WB.
3. Diplomacy: Ads many essential control aspects such as keeping fiefs you personally captured, sending messengers, making alliances, etc.
4. Improved Garrisons: Let's you make castles and garrisons useful by sending patrols, protecting villages, reinforcing understaffed newly captured castles, etc.
5. Kingdom Destruction: Dead factions can DIE, finally. Based on parameters you choose, like a timeframe or need to lose all clans (not recommended, takes forever). An alternative is Kingdom Annexation, but I could not get it to work for me.
6. Profitable Workshops: Finally get some reward from spending >20K Denars for a workshop (only to get 50-60 Denars income per way. Workshops Advanced is an alternative, but this one is clean and simple.
7. Achievement Unblocker: You know you want those Steam achievements... I know you do.
Healthy relationships rewrite
immersive sergeant
more hero interactions
small talk
succession crises
kingdom politics expanded
governors handle issues
surrender tweaks
stop starving yourselves
always show titles
workshops completed
king slayer unlocked
war and ai tweaks
true noble opinion
battle buddies
marry anyone
improved garrisons
random events

I use these mods to make the game more interesting.
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