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I previously posted all my suggestions in a single thread, but I later realised you wish to have them in individual subjects.

  • Please allow us to scale damage taken/delivered for enemies as well as us and our allies. It would allow us to control the length of battles to our liking.
  • If you can, prevent AI troops from crowding around targets like a horde of zombies. If the minimum spacing between troops were bigger, I think it would make battles a lot more immersive. When you go on multiplayer games, players aren't rushing in mindlessly, they're watching their spacing and looking for openings.
  • Stop AI from charging in when they are clearly outgunned. If an AI's situation is hopeless, they should hold position as long as they can before breaking.
  • Orders menu shouldn't pop up upon unit selection, only when the F keys are pressed. Often you just want unit groups ready for orders without having to close the menu every time.
  • Battle results window needs re-jigging. The morale and renown stats take up way too much of window, most of the time I'd rather have the unit results in front of me. Maybe the renown and morale can sit in a corner.
  • I expect it may be difficult to implement, but it would be awesome to see enemies simply surrender on their knees in the battlefield and become neutral targets, rather than run away. A lot of the time it would likely be safer to just give in.
  • Volley arch firing from archers. Take control of your archers as if they're one entity and act as a spotter for their volley. For example as soon as you open the order, you get a big green arrow arching from their position to the target as a potential path of their projectiles. Confirming the order makes all the archers release one round of projectiles up into the sky and on the targeted area.
  • Blocking would be a lot smoother if we didn't have to re-click to initiate a new block direction. If possible could we be allowed to move the mouse while holding right click to change block direction.

Thank you Taleworlds!
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