Improving trade caravans

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As an alternative to the recommendations here:

Late game caravans become pointless - they become too vulnerable to attack from larger parties of bandits. Even with 5000 back for each caravan loss (trade perk) they struggle to pay back their initial purchase cost (22K) before they are captured.

I suggest two possible alternatives to the above linked improvements that may be more in line with the game's architecture.

Firstly, I suggest that we have access to caravan parties in the same way we have access to our other parties - to allow us to manually add troops to a caravan up to the level that is sustainable for the companion leading it - to improve it's survivability.

Secondly, I suggest having a control over the caravan's troop budget in the same way we now do with parties and garrisons - so that a caravan can upgrade itself up to the level that the companion can manage.

These two suggestions could work separately, or together, and might address late game caravan attrition of the kind that can see 100s of thousands in cash losses in very short timeframes.

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