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The development team has spent numerous hours artfully crafting beautiful scenes for players to walk around in and explore, but beyond this surface level beauty we find that it is merely a hollow shell, a mask to hide the shallow depths of it's immersive potential.

A few, very simple, additions could be added to the game that would enhance the players immersion and their enjoyment of these scenes:

1. Hidden loot cache - A quest would be given to the player by a notable in a settlement, the quest would detail the location this hidden cache of supplies, this cache would be a physical chest located in a random or predetermined place hidden within a scene, such as a town, or a castle, or a village. Once you traveled to this location you would enter the scene and begin exploring the nearby area, searching through every nook and cranny of the scene as you seek to find the chest full of loot. You find the chest and a bunch of small valuables such as jewelry or trade goods, or perhaps even weapons or armor can be obtained from this hidden chest. At this point the player would be given two options: A. Return to the quest giver for your share of reward money. or B. Keep the loot you found in the chest, losing reputation.

2. Player owned homes - In large Town settlements, or potentially small Villages: A pre-determined piece of property (an apartment, a cottage, a manor) would be available to purchase by the player. When a player purchases one of these homes, the empty building then will automatically generate the basic necessary furniture and decorations. (More optional decorations could be added later as the player could have options to customize his/her home.) A chest would be available for the player to store their loot, (similar to a Stash), and the player could also access the item menu from within the scene itself using this chest, allowing you to change clothes if you wanted. A bed would also be available to the player, where he/she could access the "wait for some time" function from inside the scene itself, but it would be "sleep for some time" where it just makes your screen turn black then automatically fast forwards time by 12-24 hours. If a group of bandits is attacking the Village that I have my home in, I will be more incentivized to go help that Village, as that's where my family lives and I must protect. If an army is besieging the settlement that I have my home in, I will also want to defend my property.

3. Raid in progress - Some quests allow you to fight off Bandits that are raiding a nearby village, however the villagers are always safely locked away in their houses and it's just your army and the bandits in the scene. What if in some instances, we arrive too late to warn the villagers to hide in their homes, and we arrive into the scene during a raid in progress, bandits chasing down innocent people and trying to kill them. The player would have the option to flee the settlement, or fight to save and protect as many innocent villagers as they try to rush into their houses.

These were just a few quick ideas I had that I thought would be worth sharing and getting your feedback on, as I believe adding some of these features would greatly improve immersion and make bannerlord scenes feel more alive.


i think player home has been discussed elsewhere but i couldn't find back where.
> about player home in a town or village big +1 : if you're playing a merchant or a mercenary you won't have a fief of your own before long, but you have money. buying or renting aplace should be quite feasible, there are so many closed door in every town /village scene, make one of them an ativator and add an interior scene after it. plus some mechanics for acquirering and useing it (wich might be more tricky but not overwhelming).

i guess a mod like that might show up anytime :smile:

> as for the raid : +1 too, the scene need just spawning a few villagers with 0 morale so they start fleeing right away. No need of much more.

> for the loot cache, anther option might be that when a notable asks you to clear a bandit hideout, they may mention a specific object the bandits have stolen and he wants it back. so in the bandit hideout scene you'd have to scout for the bandit chest, maybe avoid a trap or two, get that object, and maybe extra loot as well. then bring back the object to the notable and get your reward.

> in town, if your roguery is high enough you might work with gang leaders to look for specific clues anbout their rival.
> actually anything a bit like the existing spy quest given by a lord and that makes ou wander in a town scene would be great.

about te devs hearing of this : i think indeed it wont get high on their todo list soon, because they have a lot to do before, but it's worth discussing the idea and maybe it will get a higher priority some day :smile:


I feel like they could definitely be expanded with quests, for example instead of just the fencing stolen goods quests we could have a quest (or an optional way to solve this quest) where you have to find where the goods are being kept and return them to their rightful owner (or keep them yourself).
I was pretty excited by the prodigal son quest, until I actually did the quest, it was very easy, very simple and very short.


Variability is the key.
At some point we don't even read the text because the quest has been done so many times. There should be choices, and randomness in outcomes so that seamingly similar issues, might end up in very different manners.
This is a job for modders i guess, the game engine should just be modular enough to allow the extention of existing quests.
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