Improvements to new game/character creation

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Choose your Character's Culture screen - There is a huge amount of unused space here that could be used for better information. For example, if I click on Battania, it tells me nothing that would suggest I can find the strongest foot archers in this faction - this is one of the main reasons players choose Battania. It should also include how many towns and castles each faction has - this is useful to consider. The culture bonuses also list a variety of terms players won't be familiar with, which could be elaborated upon - allow us to click or hover over these terms for descriptions.

Family and Story Background screens - We should be able to reroll our parents' and brother's appearance from this screen. I also think Sandbox mode should include the same starting family, minus the quest elements of course.

Youth screen - this is where we should be able to select or randomize horse color, or it should just be a feature of the game somewhere else.

Review screen - Here we should have an option to save our start, which should be available on the Character customization screen once any starts are saved. This jumps us to the end of the process if we want to use our start again.

Suggestion for a screen between story background and review - Equipment selection screen. This would give us basic options within certain limits to adjust equipment keeping to a rough exchange value. Sometimes the starting stats you want aren't really matched well with what kinds of equipment your character will use early on.
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