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1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter.

Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team.

The pause can be pressed every 15 seconds. You can wait as long as you like by mutual agreement of the teams.

The player has 5 minutes to re-enter, after which it will be considered that he has left the game.

If, before he left the game, not a single murder was committed, then after 5 minutes, if he did not enter = the game is not recorded in the statistics of other players and you can safely leave it.

2. Accordingly the ability to re-enter the captain's mode and skirmish in case of departure, crash of the game (as in Dota 2).

3. Make publicly available statistics in profiles.

Separately make statistics of abandoned games.

Let those who often leave the games be assigned to the same traitors as themselves.

4. Introduce a progressive blocking of multiplayer in case of leaving the game.

Left 1 time = 30 minutes of ban.

2 times = 60 minutes.


5. Limitation on the number of complaints and votes for the removal of a player and punishment for abuse of these functions.

For example, as in Dota 2 - no more than two complaints per day.

If the player's complaints are confirmed, he has positive internal statistics (available to TaleWorlds employees) = they trust him more.

If he sends fake complaints = the number of available complaints to such a player is reduced.

If it continues to unreasonably throw = up to zero complaints.

Those who kicked people just like that should be banned and their reputation lowered so that they play in the same toxic teams (like "low priority in Dota 2).

p. s. A lot is taken from Dota 2 - but Dota is the most popular Moba in the world.
Why not use the best that works well?
It's better than reinventing the wheel, and if you suddenly have new ideas, you can always test something of your own.

Sorry for bad english.
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