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Improvements for sieges

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Hello, first of all I want to say I absolutely love this game. There are some slight downsides, but that is to be expected in early access. I really like sieges but I think they can be improved significantly.

first of all, when sieging I think the battle should continue in the keep, I think I read somewhere that something like this was in the works.

secondly, whenyou are in a town and you are being sieges, if you add parties to your army they keep running around by the gate, till they run out of food. I personally feel like they break in and reinforce the defending army, or otherwise wait outside and when the siege starts attack the attackers in the back, but more on that later.

when you are attacked, are attacking or breaking out of a siege, this battle should be in the castle/siege map, when the attackers get attacked they should be stuck between the defenders in the castle, and the attackers in their back, when breaking out of the castle it would be cool of you really spawned in the castle instead of on a random field, because how are you suddenly out of the siege on a random field.
By implementing these battles when the attackers are attacked, it can also be added that when a siege is ongoing, the attackers are in battle you should be able to attack in the back, so spawn outside the castle If you are a close party/army but not in the castle.

I think all of this would make for way more enjoyable sieges, and breaking out of a siege or defending a siege from the outside will actually feel more immersive and it Weel feel like it does more. Furthermore, when breaking out you will be able to use your siege engines. And it makes the attackers a bit less strong, because when they get attacked when sieging, they are way less strong because they get attacked from the castle and from the back, furthermore the castle can fire their siege engines on you.
I personally also feel like this fixes the power of sieging because I really think this is often a bit overpowered and easy

thanks for reading, and I would love to see something like this implemented some day.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

kind regards!
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