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Several QoL improvements to the game that I feel would improve the overall base experience. With the exception of 3a the are all super easy to mod in and thus implement in native. Hope to see these by the end of EA :smile: Loving the game, bugs and all.

1: A "Press X to cheer" Button that has a (25%?) chance to add morale (and duration) calculated based on player combat performance for that battle.

2: Tavern morale boost should be purchasable at all times and not be locked while active (or give us a timer for when it runs out)

3a: Give us more control over clan parties. a: Clear bandits in X area -- b: Do quests in X area -- c: Hunt lords from X Clan -- Capture prisoners and deliver to X Castle

3b: Prevent clan parties from going over unit cap. They dont need to recruit when given a full loadout by the player.

4: Give us a way to gain leadership XP that is more achievable as a solo clan. "High morale" seems to be 75+? which should be balanced to 70 or even 65. (with lowered xp gain)

5: Hideouts need to have a completely player chosen team like with companion quests. OR increase the player troop cap to 40-50. Stealth isn't a part of this game

6: Change arrow damage calculations to reflect arrow types, the armor piercing capabilities of bodkin arrows are still in dispute - AP is what crossbows were for. I added a mod to change arrow/bow damage types because i was wrecking ARMIES on the field with my 100 man T3/4 horse archer squad and thats just bad balance. (Headshots are still dangerous)

7: Let us name our Kingdom on creation.


I support:

1. "X" is already used but great idea, love the idea of my people cheering with me.

3a. Yes. Just yes.

3b. More yes. This causes them to lose good troops. Defeats the purpose of me training good soldiers for my companions if they just desert anyways.

5. Current system has us get troops in an akward fashion. Expanding the number of bring-able troops and allowing us to choose who we bring into battle would make this mini-game a lot more fun. Much better than peek-shooting at 40 forest bandits from behind a tree while my friends are slaughtered.

7. This is a great feature and would make the whole game more likable.

I don't support:

2. Unlocked tavern meals would be easy to break. Also ten meals a day for +20 morale, you probably couldn't eat that much and then go fight. Not well at least. I'd have it be minus 0.5 each time you used it, (+2, +1.5, +1, +0.5, +0), but it would gain +1 every 2 days. Also cap it at 3 meals a day. Finally, the cost should be dependent on how many troops you have in your army.

4. I half agree, but in-game you can gain leadership by leading companion parties! It's functional, as per Beta Branch 1.1.0 4/19/2020. All that said I think we should be able to form clan armies outside of a kingdom, just on our own before the "kingdom phase" of the game.

6. I don't know enough about that to say either way. But I'm open to the idea! I like the thought of crossbows/bows being more specialized, and having their own distinct advantages. Still, archers are strong and I think that's fun. I think a better counter to this would be better shield hitboxes/size modifiers. There are so many shields in-game that are currently.... very similar. It'd be nice to see better shields for more missile-tanking units.


Point 1 - X is an arbitrary key.

You misunderstand point 2. its just an idea to let us refresh it, not stack. currently you have to wait until it disappears before giving them another round.

For point 4 - I dont think you can lead a companion party unless you join a kingdom as a vassal? the idea is to allow us to lead groups as a single unaffiliated clan. If there is a way to get your clan members to follow you before vassalizing in another kingdom thats great, just needs to be easier to find.

Point 6 - I agree that shields need more fleshing out. Warband had a great handle on shields and it seems like they are a little dumbed down this time. I am sure the hitbox differences are still there, but they are definitely bigger than the shield models and too similar to matter. about bows, Currently to win any battle on the field all you need is 100 Horse cant lose..even in mountains or forests or rivers due to the way the AI works. I get that when they get the speed reduction by damage working it will address some of this but...needs more :razz:


4. lol yeah that's what I was saying.

6. I don't know. 100 of any strong troop can beat anything else. I've been wrecking large armies with Mercenary Cavalry/Palatine Archers/Fian Champions you name it, recruits don't stand a chance against well-trained ranged and cavalry. Even having fought steppe horse-archer bandits heavily outnumbered, I don't think they're too powerful. They are mighty, but their strength is logical. It's tough to fight what is essentially a medieval speeding gun-boat when you're on foot!

Btw, Mounted archers (including me) have about a 180 degree firing arc so they can't shoot much of anything to the right of them.... So yeah. I'm not too worried about them.
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