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Improve Cavalry

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Cavalry has always been my favorite troop in Mount and Blade, and I am starting to prefer infantry over cavalry in Bannerlord

Issues With Cavalry
  • The timing on all attacks performed, aside form couched lancing, is either done too late or too early which causes the attack to miss entirely and do no damage
  • Horse charges do no damage: it is very rare to see a troop die from getting mowed by a horse
  • Cavalry athletics is incredibly low; they always fall behind in sieges, causing the infantry to be overwhelmed and outnumbered until the cavalry comes in
  • Cavalry morale is incredibly high, they continue to fight after the archers and infantry flee


Yes I was wondering if cavalry even have morale since no perk mentions it. Besides the couched Lance they are pretty pathetic, they attack very slow with Spears and can't hit at all with swords.
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