Imprisoned Lords Escape Too Easily

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Hoping this is fixed soon as it is quite depressing to defeat a large army while knowing it has no meaningful impact in the war effort as the lords will just form a new army in a matter of days regardless of what you do.

Beta 1.3 :
The escape chance of prisoners is reduced by 25% when they are in mobile parties. It is reduced by 50% if they are at the player's settlement.

A bit better I guess...

About lords forming new armies in a matter of days :

They don't form armies in a matter of days, they spawn with free troops unfortunately


I agree with everything said here, and would just like to add that I would also like the ability to talk to lords you've captured or any captured lord if you're the ruler of the kingdom. It seems this would be an ideal time to try to bring them around to your side: "if you bend the knee and fight for me, I will free you from this place" etc... It may just be a feature on a list of things you have yet to implement this being early access and all, but I was very surprised the first time I tried to talk to a lord I had just imprisoned only to discover I couldn't


Doing the Istania, Empire declares war on me, quest. Destroyed the Northern Empire prior to this beginning... At the start after they declared war I would have 30 or more lords prisoner in one town. I would go to the closest settlement to get more troops, return immediately (less than 1 day) and 5 of the lords would be gone, with no messages about escapes or ransoms paid. Because of this, I would also find that every day an army of 400-500 would attack the town, many times with the lords I captured a couple days ago.

Finally, I decided to start executing them because it was a losing battle with me losing 10 troops I didn't have time to replace before they returned with 500 they could easily replace. Now their armies still attack regularly, but maybe 1/2 as often and with an average of maybe 200-250 troops. I've probably executed over 100 lords and destroyed a number of (mostly small) clans now. Honestly, it shouldn't be this hard to make progress on easiest setting.

I like to play my games as a good guy. In this game I think of myself as someone trying to unite all the kingdoms, end the wars, and make things safer for the general populace. I can't picture myself that way and it makes it less fun when the only way to win is to execute everyone you meet.
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