Impossible to remove a part of my browsing history.

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Well, I know you'll laugh, but I got a very weird problem. On my History I got a page that I have never opened and it cannot be removed either. It is like an advertisment which offers you random pages. The worst part is that they're all porn. Right now, I got a page which reads "Sexy mother gets kidnapped and raped". What the hell? I haven't touched anything like that...

Here is a screenshot:
I mean, seriously? How did I even get that in my history page?
So now instead of changing your home page and bookmarks they now add it to your history? No "buy our porn history eraser" window coming out of nowhere yet?
It just sits there and the only option I have for it is to collapse or extend the list. Nothing more. I have no idea why an element of my history cannot be deleted, and why does it have to sit there if I haven't even accessed it...

I have even tried to reinstall Chrome and run some virus scans, but it looks like the Chrome history is tied to my Google account, so it doesn't help in any way. I looked in the support service on Google and all the instructions it can give aren't any different from what I have tried before.

Edit: Great, now it shows me a new page called "Don't force me to **** anymore". Chrome, seriously...
My suggestion would be to run some more virus scans.

I know that they're well known and that I'm Captain Obvious for pointing them out, but Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D, and CCleaner are all programs that might help you with this.
Go to settings - extensions and see if there are any you didn't add yourself. Disable/delete any that look even mildly suspicious. Also, I've seen Superantispyware remove things most other free programs failed to detect before. You might give them a shot.
Splintert said:
Nuclear option only option.
  -your computer

You could always pull the scorched earth tactic, purge some folders. See if it goes away, rinse and repeat.  This is how I got rid of some FBI extortion virus, though I don't think i need to tell you what to delete.  In the end though nuking is a sure thing though.
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