SP - World Map Important request about implementing on the world map new settlements added by mods without conflicting

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Please, I request that you implement in the next updates the feature that allows to play with multiple mods that make changes to the world map at the same time. I was adding a mod that adds new settlements, I was going to add another one but the game crashes when I open it without giving me an error report. The mod: Sinkpoint's World Map Scene Merger used to fix this problem, but after update 1.1.0, it stopped working and now you have to load the merged scene file in the editor and manually generate the settlement distance cache there. Which I don't know how to do and you guys could create a navigation supergrid that automatically detects and merges the Main_map/scene.xscene files from multiple mods or as you want to do it yourself to allow it completely on the world map. The idea is to have the largest possible navigation meshes, so that this mod can contain future settlement areas and not conflict with each other.
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