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Hey lad, I was playing this mod and I had a similar message appearing multiple times but I coundn't get what it meant: "In the enal of X Fortress a fiery weapon appeared". What does that mean? I went to a bunch of these mencioned fortresses and none had anything that I could find. What does enal mean? I tried to search in english dictionaries and the result was confusing.

BTW Does this mod has a wiki? I was trying to find more general information but I didn't find anything satisfying - just found some mentions on youtube and in this post, nothing else was found. If you don't have one, would you like to create one or have me/someone else to create it? It would be great to have a place to store FYI knowledge and a place to point people to in case of doubts or wanting to expand their understanding of the mod. It also would help to highlight the mod to the general community that haven't got in touch with it yet.

In case of you deciding to create a wiki; I would recommend using eighter Fandom or Gamepedia (although Fandom seems easier to use). the link: "imperialrome.[website].com" seems to be avaiable in both! Otherwise you can send me a message about it in here to get in contact faster if you want someone else to create it or at least it's foundation: https://bit.ly/32DnBxV
1)A soldier comes to the garrison of the city armed with Molotov cocktails.
2)All information can be found here http://legiox.3bb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=388. If you have a desire, you can translate it into any language you need. If you have any questions, I will answer them.