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Couldn't think of a better name and decided to go the skyrim route. My idea is simple, currently there are 2 paths to victory
1. National Hero, you rise through the ranks and lead your people to victory
2. Unifyer, through dogged determination you bring the numerous lords under your control
but with this a more realistic option now opens up for two more
3. Mercenary King, unite the numerous Heroes and Minor Clans into a great kingdom
4. Conqueror, growing your own nation from a single settlement into a nation through constant invasion, execution, and settlement.
1. we kill the batman

2. we lift the clan limit

3. every clan level above 1 actually adds a additional party slot

4. armies are restricted by clan level, clan leaders begin with the ability to add one party to their army and gain another slot every three clan levels

5. clan leaders select heirs and when they die the heir has to spend 100 influence per character level to keep a dejected potential heir in the clan double if said heir is married to someone of a different culture. this only counts clan leader's brothers and sons, who take their own families with them upon leaving, uncles are uncounted this will be known as the "Blackfish" exemption. If they leave they start a new clan, the clans national loyalty is 50/50 choice between the culture of the husband and wife, children will additionally possess the nationality of their father.

6. New NPC clan names are drawn sequentially from a premade culture based list drawn from a easily editable notepad file (or best alternative), Player derived clans are named on creation.

7. New clans are entirely independent but begin with a good relation to the player's clan.

8. If a NPC Clan is reduced to 1 character they have a chance to simply recede into history becoming one of three things
* a Notable Character in the most recently visited city, who always produces noble units.
* The Head of Minor Clan that produces a new generic 3 level Unit line based on their origin culture Ex. aserai get a light unit called the slaver who wields a blunt object for taking captives, battanians get a super heavy infantry called the Ardent full heavy army with a shield and quick knife and javelins ETC.
* They become a Companion and begin spawning in cites for tournaments

9. You can uplift people into clan status. in the order shown above, for 30,000 gold a Notable Character or Companion to become a minor clan leader, it takes giving them a settlement for them to become a normal clan.

10. In cities there will be a new workshop called a warrior lodge which can be built. when built the city owner can select a member of their clan, that member becomes a Notable Character in the town and produces noble units within the city at a higher level than even the most powerful notable characters, but is "out of play" until the lodge is replaced. When controlled by a member of a previously minor clan it supplies their unit line instead of the noble line, if you supply the notable character from your clan it allows you to create a custom troop line called collectively "Captain(s)". putting a family member in this position is not counted during the heir taking power moment, they will stay loyal at no extra cost, this is due to simplicity sake and because anyone in the role of running a fencing studio on the behalf of their clan probably is focused on other things.

11. Captains possess linear upgrades like noble lines, possessing 5 levels. level one captain begin with 12 points of equipment customization, every level afterwards provides a additional 6 points. these points of customization represent the maximum combined equipment level your troop has. horses are not counted but horse armor is, if the unit uses a warhorse or not is dependent on level 1-2 use basic horses from your culture level 3+ uses war horses. captain lines take a long time to develop and are tied to your clan (like smithing) and clan level (like party amount)beginning at clan level 2 you can make a and design a level one troop, every 2 clan levels after that allow you to design the next level investing 150 grand to unlock level one and a additional 100k added on per level. The units don't cost more than a normal noble unit of their level, you must pay a level equivalent multiplier on equipment this means that really good equipment costs alot of money. Unit skill levels are equivalent to base game units at their level, but cannot be trained in a skill higher than their creator this means that you.

12. This means that should you choose to you can send up to 3 clan members to run said lodges per city, each lodge will produce a new crop of custom units for you and anyone not at war with you, effectively representing a military reform like that of marius' at the cost of possible capitol. to help this along a new policy called "Royal Regulars" halves your militia, tax generation, and Prosperity but makes all normal settlement recruits into Captains so long as it has a govenor. This changes the gameplay to be more, tactical... You will now have to micro manage your troops, losses will be devastating to you defenses. a poorly planned out kingdom will lead to a early doom, but with luck or a long planning phase you could survive. this would however allow you to likely curbstomp opponents down the line a full army made up of specialized troops could very easily march through most opponents, especially if their party leaders had a large enough pool to draw them from.

13. a new policy called "Kin Kingdom" is added. This represents the medieval period societies that maintained a more spartan government based around familial customs like the mongol, celtic, and berber peoples. with it conquered cities if devastated suffer doubly but can have their culture replaced with your own, in addition for people that have a larger clan you can replace each Notable Character position in the city with excess clan members. this naturally lowers the chance of rebellion to 0.
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