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Anyone remembers those old good times where villages were lordships tied to castles, i think they should brought back. And will be free to give you companions to govern so they have they own income and home base, but thats that.

There is few ideas about: Party

  • I have always thought Player party shoulnt be limited to have companions, but also your other partys should have some. Ever found nice companion with good trade stat to start caravan, but only to fall easy pray for bandits, that woulnt happen if He/she had tracker/tactic and medic in party to help out. our found nice good companion with good leadership and tactic skill but lack of stewardship and medicine and tracking adding adional party mebers on party would make it stronger.
  • Good old warband times or its hard to say was it vanilla or in mods there were companion relations based on likes and dislikes would add some immersion if they were back in game.
  • And why not allow Companions have they own familys after all we are all mortals and if new generations are to born they should new charcters spawn
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