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Im think done after Scramble League

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I'm just hoping they released this patch with plans to smash it out and get another one out by the end of the week. Highly unlikely but I am clinging on to anything at this point.

This patch I was hoping would be the one that would make me jump back on MP, but it seems none of the balance issues were addressed and possibly worsened with the insane fast hatchet. Fark.
And war of the roses was a massive flop after alpha.
WotR had a pretty good run until Fatshark decided to ruin quite a few things. Wasn't dead immediately out of alpha. RIP to a true hero of the genre.
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I doubt the devs would scrap the class system, I think the class system is here to stay.
I mean a good solution would be to take a class that is a hybrid class that is based on personal player equipment. The class can do most roles but isn't specialized in any of them. Basically make dedicated infantry, archer classes do not have the ability to ride horses however the hybrid class can ride a horse with reduced mobility etc.. This one class can make factions significantly more dynamic.

For example, say I want to play Aserai Infantry, I can take the hybrid class that gets veteran armor however I will have the melee equipment of a skirmisher.
Another example would be a cav player running an infantry melee weapon on a horse as well as running heavy lancer weapon.

The only challenge of this system would be pricing however I think it is doable given the resources. This should make players able to at least be specialized or not and this can significantly improve the gaming experience for multi-class players and specialized players.

In conclusion, the hybrid class will be the class that can fill the gaps for faction deficiency. Such as Aserai Infantry, Empire Medium infantry, Etc...
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