I'm stuck in a point of the main questline

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Hello everyone!
So I'm playing Mount and Blade Viking Conquest and can't progress in main questline anymore. Actually I have 2 open quests that do not let me do anything.

First quest is the Odin's Cave quest (A Most Important Letter). Ever that I try enter in the damn cave, the game don't show options to enter, only "I need recruit more men" and "leave" options. I'm level 15 and I have already convinced Ulf to not testify against me in Assembly. I tried leave my army in the refuge to enter "alone" in Odin's Cave and also increase my army, but don't appear the option to enter.
-Quest: https://imgur.com/2Mgjhu9
-Odin's Cave options: https://imgur.com/J9ljNUA

The second problem happens in Under the Wing of a King quest. I have convinced Ulf to not testify against me in Assembly and I killed Sven's brother in Ulf's farm, but now I'm trying talk with Konungr Horik about it and after he invites me to talk in private, the game return to map, not following to dialog options. I did try talk with him inside Ribe, but he says to talk outside.
-Quest: https://imgur.com/N4bVfdl
-Dialog with Konungr Horik:
--Telling about Sven's brother death in Ulf's farm: https://imgur.com/FnVsJay
--Invite to talk in private: https://imgur.com/ReWxAKj

Additional info:
-Playing v2.036 but savegame started in another version that I don't remember
-Character infos: https://imgur.com/CtN21yH
-Character skills: https://imgur.com/bWfkeft
-Konungr Horik relation: https://imgur.com/JX8V1iJ
-Savefile close Odin's Cave: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p66VCNHowQQDnSuOPxJEOZqoJ9NDC9jl/view?usp=sharing
-Savefile close Konungr Horik: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1amXIu48XAFeiqDFyHAsG4fitxYJsUnO-/view?usp=sharing

Can someone help me?

Edit: I solved "all" problems just changing a value in savefile manually. I used that solution: https://steamcommunity.com/app/48700/discussions/0/619573787426784139/?l=portuguese&ctp=2#c619574421218004965
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