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They're a common complaint, they have too many rocks and throw to far, there's no reason for it and it's a huge blunder for TW to not respond to early game criticism. It's even more annoying if you start with real throwing weapons and not a bow as the looter clearly outrange you and make you throwing weapons' useless (except to sell and buy a bow).

Meh. I can throw a cricket ball from the boundary rope and give you a bruise the size of a grapefruit that will make you hobble for a month. I have no qualms about looters throwing rocks half the weight or size of a cricket ball 30 or 40 meters. Nobody who plays cricket or baseball or any similar sport would. That's basic.

Also having thrown a javelin in high school, I could easily hit someone with a palm sized rock at twice or three times the distance I could throw a javelin. No contest. And in game, straight away, I can one hit any looter with a javelin or thrown spear from 20 meters. Well, when I'm having a good aiming day. Usually I'll miss them by a mile because I'm useless with thrown weapons.
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Agreed. This kind of stuff is hard to report, it's just a vague feeling that as I start new playthrough most types of troops are just performing worse and worse overall. Sometimes I've tried to record and report it but sometimes it's hard to even show, like they just seem more clunky and stupid.
AI have literally gotten dumber- that's how TW intends on fixing the horse archer thing lol.

That's why you see them fire a few arrows and then randomly charge in.


I like one-handed with shields, both for my character and for the troops I enlist, so I don't play Sturgians or Battanians. Tried Vlandians once. Did OK keying on using their archery, but its not really my thing, although I use bows as alternate weapon, so I won't use them again. Usually I go with Aserai or Empire factions.although Khuzait are OK. Personally, I find fighting against the Aserai harder than against the khuzaits, but I do recognize that the AI has more problems against Khuzaits. I think its because I usually have at least 50% cavalry & sometimes up to 90% horse troops so they handle Khuzaits pretty well. My companions & family members are always on horseback, with swords, shields and bows. The other thing with playing the Khuzait faction is that they seem more bloodthirsty, so when I conquer something and show mercy it pisses off the lords more. Other factions seem more balanced in their view.

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I’ll indulge this troll thread for a moment.

The framework factions is in the game and in a good spot.

Snowballing is rather under control.

So instead of spending time and resources of getting the stats and equipment on troops 100% correct, why not implement all the game functions and swing back to this once battles, battlefields, missions, and activities are all finally firing on all cylinders.
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