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This first part is just going to be a general statement of what im hitting on with this thread. I've been playing this game as I've mentioned in previous threads for 2 years as of next month. In that time I have seen barely any improvements added to the MP and combat sides of the game. It seems that after each patch we move one step forward and 2 steps back. I can't remember the last time I was actually pleased by a patch, maybe its when they added the current troop textures to the game or maybe when they fixed crush through after 3+ months of begging from the community. Following this paragraph I'm going to list out issues I have currently, whether its with the game or the company and everything in-between as well as give some extended explanations on a few.

  • Bastard Weapons are too fast! - I really don't think this needs to be said but I'm sure its obvious to most people already that Bastard weapons are way to fast in their current form. These weapons in their 2 handed form should be faster than their 1 handed form yes, but as with dedicated 2 handed weapons they should not be fast to swing or manipulate than a normal 1 handed weapon, especially with the kind of damage currently dished out by them, it combines to be a bit of a headache.
  • Encouragement of spamming and mob mentality - I want to preface this explanation by noting that my favorite form of engagement is groupfighting, I love how dynamic it is and the flow of battle from a gfing concept, especially fighting many opponents alone and in other scenarios how enjoyable it is when you are fighting alongside a competent ally. However when it comes to the current forms of combat seen primarily in TDM and Siege the name of the game is mobbing your enemies and spamming in a massive ****fest. All the while Archers are taking potshots and Cavalry is couching into the mass of bodies with impunity. I'm not going to lie, this REALLY gets on my nerves and it makes no sense. I think that it is time to start experimenting with servers that have team-damage enabled, as well as class limits initially targeting cavalry.
  • Continuous nerfing of Infantry classes - Now idk if everyone at Taleworlds is a Archer or Cav main or something but it seems like every single patch infantry gets more and more annoying to use. Sure, every now and again you will give infantry a small spear buff against cav, or make them run a little faster to catch up to archers but why is it that you continuously try to shoot us Inf mains in the leg? This in a way goes hand in hand with my previous gripe and can be extremely annoying once you start thinking about it. I used to love using throwables but it seems that they are constantly getting **** on by people who hate the fact that Infantry have the ability to reach out and touch them without chasing them into a corner half way across the map. First it was javelins getting nerfed, then it was throwing axes, now its Pilas and Throwing Spears but don't worry because you can run faster.
  • Why have Beta Patches when nobody in the community tests them? - Kinda self explanatory.
  • TW's hates communicating with the MP community! - This is a bit obvious from the lack of communication or feedback we get from TWs. I see threads popping up all the time in these forums but there is almost never any dev interaction. At this point they either don't care about us or have become so afraid of criticism that they would rather let our gripes go unanswered and let the game die then grow some balls, take constructive and unconstructive criticism and actually develop the game with the community interaction we deserve.
  • Where is Battle and where are Private Servers? - We have been asking for this for literal years now, when will a 1-life mode be added to Bannerlord? Honestly nobody asked for Skirmish, sure its cool and I can see how it might start an esports scene but ffs its not what this community and the MP scene was built around. Idk why it is so hard for TWs to grasp but game modes like duel and skirmish cater to a small number of players.. they are the most competitive and skillful players in the community. But like I said, it is a small part of the community, an important part sure, but still a small one. So wouldn't have been better for a gamemode like Battle to have been created and released prior to duel or even skirmish since it can not only give the large scale chaotic masterpiece that warband offered us but also allows skilled players to show their competency however they like? It is perfect for both public and organized games and could be the bedrock for a clan scene to be built in Bannerlord. God willing it will come with both team-damage as well as Private Servers. Private servers need to show up, again for organized play but also for mod development. Mods like Full Invasion, CRPG, Persistent World, as well as the one I work on Sword&Musket need Private Servers to even begin to create the infustructure and testing environment to bring our dreams to reality. Currently we are stuck using Modding Tools and Custom Battles to develop our mod but it isn't enough, not to mention the fact that we can't even do something as simple as make custom animations from the "****" Tools provided to us.

Now that I've released some steam from tonight's play session I would like to here from the community on what I got wrong or missed in this little essay of mine. And TWs stop being cowards and locking threads. Grow some balls, listen to criticism and help us help you.

EDIT: 8/16
Wanted to add another point, one that affects me quite a bit but also hurts the NA community alot.

  • Central Servers would be more useful than either West or East together - I live in the Western US and as much as I love to play with a low of 94 ping as a competitive player I would much rather have a more even playing field. The fact is that nobody willingly plays on West Servers, the only reason you see people on there is because the Servers constantly crash and so when the East servers take a dive, everyone goes to West and vice versa. But where tf are the Central servers? Europeans get better ping than me in an American Server, if you want a more competitive atmosphere then give players in server regions the best opportunity to play at their best and add Central Servers, or idk do something crazy like allow private servers and people can stick that **** wherever they want it.
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Play Last Oasis it has Private servers and two handers don't swing super fast.

That being said Yea I agree with most of it.

Imo only modes that shows promise in this game so far is Siege and Captain mode. But even then... no battle mode, 250 player servers that stayed online without crashing like in Warband, No gear sets only bad class system, no team damage and free for all spawns. Weightless moving on cavalry and swinging swords.

  • Bastard Weapons are too fast!
  • Continuous nerfing of Infantry classes -
taking/nerfing infantry classes's weapons is nerfing their class

bastard weapons are the few (and falx) fast hard hitting weapons in the game, effectively the only weapon to take when you are outnumbered and surrounded

i agree with your frustration on every other point,

although i hate the javelin/pila meta that was painful getting kicked and pila'd (kicking range should be nerfed, defensive kicks only),
so i like the nerfs on ranged items

hopefully arrows damage against heavy armor will also be realistically nerfed to destroy the ranged meta,

and cav hp needs to be reduced, but we all know that


I'm just here to watch it all burn at this point. I've legitimately never seen an EA like this and I can't really bring myself to check out completely. This is maybe the most insane dev cycle I've ever seen.


I completely agree with the central servers being more important than the east and west servers combined, have servers in the middle of the us, so both sides can play
I completely agree with the central servers being more important than the east and west servers combined, have servers in the middle of the us, so both sides can play
i want the lowest ping possible tbh, i do not like the west servers bc i am on the east and it depopulated my regular servers,

but if i was on the west coast i would really appreciate them


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I'm just here to watch it all burn at this point. I've legitimately never seen an EA like this and I can't really bring myself to check out completely. This is maybe the most insane dev cycle I've ever seen.

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Fwiw, completely agree with your points Mort. I've no idea how anyone play tested the bastard axe in two hands and thought YEAH, THIS IS SHIPPABLE. The fact that everyone will immediately stop what they are doing to go pick up a bastard axe, glaive, or menav on sight should hint to you that maybe the weapons are not balanced very well.

Terco is a gem and we don't deserve him.


Bastard Weapons are too fast!

No, they are not. It's the lack of turncap that makes it possible to perform 0 frame slashes. Turncap fix in neededed.

Encouragement of spamming and mob mentality

It will go away when friendly fire/mirror damage are back on the list. No one will spam two-handers anymore.

Continuous nerfing of Infantry classes

They try to nerf top player efficiency. This always affects casual/semi-competitive in a bad way. But hey, we need to keep a high skill ceiling, innit.

Why have Beta Patches when nobody in the community tests them?

There are people who do test, but it's not a common playerbase.

TW's hates communicating with the MP community!

Because they know it's not possible to do more at this time and they dodge the direct dialogue as much as they can.

Where is Battle and where are Private Servers?

Sieges are not stable and sometimes crash, same goes for other modes. It looks like they need to fix this and friendly fire before launching Battle. As for private servers - not happening before official release.

Central Servers would be more useful than either West or East together

That one is a mess, I give you that.


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**** game. idk how it takes this long to realize KEKW come back in 5 years see how it plays.


You are right about all of it.
But your privileges as North American blinds you from seeing that while you are asking devs to add or change the multiplayer system or servers, to allow you to play not with 90ms, but lower; Here in Latin America we struggle to find the best server, the less laggy is West NA servers with the smooth and fluid connection of 190 ms.
It's just great shooting an arrow and seeing that you missed because you are "poor people who can't and won't play this game because they are too busy trying to eat and not starve. They do not have internet, and surely they can't afford 60 bucks".
Well, let me tell you that I and everyone who paid for this game, paid the full price as North Americans did, as Europeans did and everybody who bought this game. BUT.... we don't get the same game as you my darlings, oh no no no. We only got the single-player. That it's ok... for EA.
And what about the multiplayer? you may ask... And the answer is " **** you, I won't give you any server even that we expanded our current "VIP servers for 1st world country", and if you want to play go ahead, you can. But forget about going in without a shield boi. Cuz you are going down. Down like the hopes that I had on this game T.T

I don't want to rest importance on your complaint. But everything that you are pointing just don't care to me and a lot of people that can't play this game because the devs won't give us any server to play it :sad:
Seems like a joke right?
But it is actually true.

Greetings from Argentina and I hope to play this game online someday. Or that T.W. gives me back half of my money (and of course that will never happen) because I can only play half of the game I bought.
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