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Illustrations of Hungarians 1450-1600
Filippo Scolari, 1455, a native of Florence and a condottiere who served Sigismund of Hungary.
Sigismund and Pipo Ozorai (Filippo Scolari), 15th century
Sleeping Guards at the Sepulchre, Hronský Benadik Monastery Church, 1470s, portrayed as Hungarian Heavy Infantry
The tomb effigy of Újlaki Miklós, Újlak, Slavonia, Croatia, c.1477
Frescoes in the Póniky (Pónik) Roman Catholic Church, Slovakia, c.1478
Calvary, Medgyes, Transylvania, 1480
15th Century Hungarian Shields

The Gradual of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, National Széchényi Library, Budapest, Hungary. Cod. Lat. 424, 1480-1488

The tomb effigy of Imricha Zapolyai, c.1487, Spišská, Slovakia
Leopold I in the fight against the Hungarians, The Babenberg family tree at Stift Klosterneuburg, 1489
Effigy of King Stephen of Hungary, 1499, in the armour of a Hungarian Knight
Engraved sabre-scabbard chape of c.1500 with an image of a Serbian or Hungarian hussar
. Hungarian or Serbian Hussars, by Ian Heath
Coat-of-arms of the Máriássi family from Márkusfalva (Markušovce), Slovakia, 1504 - a Hungarian knight with mace
Christ Carrying the Cross, by The Master MS, Hungary, 1506
The Resurrection, by The Master MS, Hungary, 1506
Coat-of-arms of the Radak family, Hungary, 1514, with an arquebusier
The Battle of Krbava in Croatia, c.1514-6, by Leonhard Beck
Statue of Sv. Juraj / St. George & the Dragon, Levoca, Slovakia, c.1515
The tomb effigy of Štefan Mariáši, Markušovce, Slovakia, 1516
Hungarian Hussar Trophy by Albrecht Dürer, 1518
Tomb Effigy of Perényi Imre, died 1519. Palatine (nádor) of the Kingdom of Hungary
Hungarian aristocrats in the sixteenth century, from the 'Triumph of Maximilian'
Renaissance Imperialists by George Gush, including Hungarians
Ten Hungarian lancers in The Entry of Emperor Charles V into Augsburg, 1530, by Jörg Breu the Elder
Hungarians in Códice De Trajes, 1547
Illustrations from the Süleymanname of 1558
. The king of Hungary, Lajos II, in council before the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
. Single Combat at the battle of Mohacs, 1526
. The Deli Sinan fighting against the Hungarian Eugene, 1526
. Ottoman Sultan Suleiman gives the Holy Crown of Hungary to King János Szapolyai
. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent during the Siege of Estolnibelgrad in Hungary, 1543
. Suleiman the Magnificient receives John Sigismund of Hungary, 1556
Hungarian Infantry, 16th century, after Aurél Richter
Statuete of a Gallant Hungarian rider, 16th century
Hungarian mounted bagpiper, 16th century
Duel between Hungarian Lieutenant and Turkish Bey, 16th century
Ferdinand of Tyrol in Hungarian Tournament attire, 16th century
Ferdinand of Tyrol's 'White hussar' clothing and weaponry, Hofjagd-und Rüstkammer, Wien
Surviving, 16th century, Hungarian Shields
Vulgaris Hungarus Hungarian gentry by Theodor de Bry, 16th century
Effigy of Ivan Lenkovic, Croatia, 1569
Hungarian soldiers by Jost Amman, 1570
Sebastian Thokoly's miniature from a manuscript, 1572
Hungarians?, by Lucas d'Heere, about 1575
Hungarian cavalry by Hans Weigel, 1577
Siebenburger & Hajduk from Kostüme und Sittenbilder des 16. Jahrhunderts aus West- und Osteuropa, Orient, der Neuen Welt und Afrika, c.1580
1456 Siege of Belgrade, from the Hünernâme of 1588 by Lokman
Hungarian Hussar of the sixteenth century, by Jost Amman
A pair of Hungarian Hussars or Officers of the sixteenth century, by Jost (Joseph) Amman
Brenhidai Huszár Péter Peter 'Hussar' Brenhidai, late 16th century
Hungarian 16th Century Soldiers by Cesare Vecellio, 1590
The Battle of Hacova (Keresztes) in Hungary in 1596, when the Ottomans Vanquished the Hapsburg Forces
Tombs of Hungarian Nobles: Andrássy Péter, 1591(?) and Swabowszky György 1597

Illustrations of Hungaran Costume & Soldiers
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