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Imperium Lusitanum was founded on the 5th of November in 2010 as a competitive Portugal based clan that also aims to stand as the center of the Portuguese community in M&B Warband. As of 13th January 2010, IL became an European clan and the main language is now English.

The goal as a clan is to provide a space where players can enjoy a good balance of discipline and fun. Our clan also offers a space on their servers (Teamspeak and Warband) and their forums for the Portuguese community of the game.

Although competitive, the clan will allow players with any skill. We aim to evenly recognise the player that already knows much about the game mechanics as well as the player that works towards a greater understanding, using the clan trainings and practices.

What does it offer to the community?

The Imperium shall add something of an identity for the Portuguese community in the Mount&Blade universe, as well as creating a greater understanding of what the game is about through the sharing of knowledge between the members of the Clan and the M&B community.

How is the clan organised?

The Emperor is the official leader of the clan. However he is but a mere symbol since it is the Council who democratically makes all the decisions of matter to the clan. This system is more balanced in that it won’t concentrate all the power in the hands of a single individual but in a group of individuals that have shown more interest and activity within the clan and form it’s administrative core.

Within the clan there are three branches:

“Imperial Guards”
“Foreign Legion”
“Irregular Troops”

This branch includes all the Portuguese members who want to take a more active role in the clan. It is for those who desire to actively participate in the clan competitive events and trainings. Players of this branch may aspire to a larger range of responsibilities and duties.

The Foreign Legion is the military branch designed to house all the international players that wish to join the Imperium. This is an active military branch just like the Imperial Guard, therefore it works by the same rules and privileges.

This branch specifies all the non-competitive part of the Clan.It is recommended for those who just want to enjoy the community's social side as well the military side without having made the commitment to join clan competitive events.


The clan will undergo a series of weekly organized  training sessions, to ensure that we can deliver a respectable challenge in whatever match we participate.


The main tag is IL_<rank>_<name>. There are several other tag types that are described hierarchically below. Members of the council (Magistrates) may also display additional game tags.

Imperial Guards   
Guarda Lusitano (Grd)​
Veterano (Vet)​
Escudeiro (Esc)​
Cavaleiro (Cav)​
Guarda Imperial (GrdI)​
Foreign Legion   
Legion Guard (Grd)​
Veteran (Vet)​
Squire (Sqr)​
Knight (Knt)​
Paladin (Pal)​
Irregular Troops   
Peão (Pea)​
Milícia (Mil)​
Batedor (Bat)​
Pagem (Pag)​
Campeão (Cam)​

The Recruit (Rct) rank is common to all branches.


Roster and Contacts

Leader: sHocK 
Web Site: Clan forum
Clan is: Dead




Good luck my friends. I am happy you have gotten this together shock, I look forward to a scrim in the future :smile:
Condestavel said:
Hell, already this many posts? This is going to be a busy thread  :mrgreen:

Yes. And I've already ask insatings to kiddnap some litle children to constantly view and post on the thread so it gets even busier.
Late night show with Guz in IG server proved:

Guz can throw things at people, and usually those things hit the heads.
Some guys when fighting against Guz are pro-fighters and defend everything, but when fighting with others are noobs.
Guz must be in a right position in his computer chair, or else he sucks playing warband.

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