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For me, the Beta was not only my first step into the new (or old) age of Bannerlord, but also my first step into the community. Sure, I have played the occasional Warband Multiplayer round and plenty of mods but I have never been very social on either the forums or the game.
So with this thread I’d like to celebrate the end of the Beta and reflect on my personal highlights.

The most influential Beta Threads:
Threads that either deal with topics that are still important or that had lasting effects.

5. Combat issues and inconsistencies megathread by @Noudelle to start of this list we have a thread that has not much content by itself. It has no big discussions and it feels empty. But this pillar of issues cast a long and heavy shadow on the multiplayer and is a reminder to all things that still needs work.

4. Taleworlds’ Handling of Feedback by @Klausolus Even though communication is still regarded a major issue, this thread brought it to the table. This thread is somewhat hard to read, with some feedback not really being constructive. But the communication improved while it was an active thread. We also got a comment from the perspective of @NIN3 who talked about the view on topics from a developer’s side.

3. Bannerlord’s Combat state Feedback – b.0.8.0 and Defender Stun & Initiative by @Charlini and @Gibby Jr You might consider it cheating that I put two threads on the same spot but considering that they have a very similar topic and even share the same media I let this one slip.
While the first thread has a little bit more of a general feedback, both focus heavily the topic of stuns.
If you are a new player and you wonder why Bannerlord feels a little bit spammy I really recommend checking out the video
by gibby. Also special: our dear community manager @Callum gave us a rare insight on his own gameplay preferences on this thread.

2. Overview of Beta as of b0.8.1 by @OurGloriousLeader Every Thread that leads to a response of Armagan is noteworthy- same is the case with this thread. OGL briefly and calmly talked about the status of the beta and the lack of communication. What made this thread special was not the fittingly unfitting sprinkles of Alien-Gifs but rather that it led to the removal of the physical blocking mechanic which was introduced briefly before.

1. Creative Unit Aesthetics- archive by @Piconi This thread simply had to be number one. A thread frequently watched by both community and developers, a fountain of ideas and creativity and the major influence on the big unit overhaul we got.

The most influential users:
User that you would always see, under each thread, leading the most important arguments.

8. @Charlini
Charlini, as a competetiv player in the Warband Native Leauge has shared many of his views on details, which seem like nuances but are part of the bigger picture.

7. @Klausolus
Klausolus is probably the guy with the closes look at all the items in the multiplayer so far. He had to take a break but he came back with bag filled to the brim with inconsistent item descriptions.

6. @OurGloriousLeader
OGL is the one guy that nobody ever disagrees with. Usually his post are followed by a load of "+1" I also have yet to find a post where OGL was even a little disrespectful.

5. @Younes123
Younes gave usbehind the data information before the first mods arrived. He gave us, among other things, the first information on skins and the first view at siege weapons.

4. @Piconi
Being awarded the VIP-Badge is quite the feat but even besides his aesthetics-thread you can see Randy Marsh on almost all the threads concerning Bannerlord.

3. @Terco_Viejo
Like Piconi he was awarded the VIP-Badge for his contribution to the aesthetics-thread. Where other’s post walls of texts, sometimes a simple gif can tell more than thousand words. But gifs and memes are not his only quality, he can also put lots of effort in well-structured and interesting post like his Melee-Cluster thread. Also, that guy is a goddamn artist.

2. @Noudelle
Noudelle can come of as kind of an ass. But he is also very passionate about the beta. Hardly anyone put so much time in effort into the details of combat as Noudelle. And to be honest, I guess all the player that stuck with the Beta for a longer time have been frustrated with it at some point. Noudelle is the unsung hero of our vents and rants. He went there where I didn’t dare to go. In the end his yin and yang probably are in perfect harmony.

1. @Gab
Gab fights at the frontlines in the battle against Combat. He has a stand against stances. If you visit any thread on the forum, you can almost be sure that you will be greeted by his blue and gold profile. He will be in the discussion and argue with you. For pages if necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Monty Phyton’s Black Knights persistence was based on Gab’s Profile.

The best Bans:

Well that is easy.

2. @578
The fact that I can still remember these numbers without looking them up just shows what a character he was. I feel a little bit sorry for him. In my eyes he was a little bit like Gollum. At first, he was good and had the best intentions, but he was corrupted. Maybe by his access to the Beta. He was able to write some good posts occasionally.

1. @shin
If 578 is like Gollum, Shin must be Sauron. I literally can’t remember anything good about any of his posts.

The best suggestion threads.

Threads that have great suggestions which need to be in the game.

2. Focus fire on enemy unit by @Gab This thread first saw the light of day in a time where archers where destroying everything in Captain. So not the best timing. But that was eventually fixed and now this thread should still be as relevant as ever. Captain needs some hands-on mechanic and focus fire is a feature that I hope to see in the future.

1. The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster by @Terco_Viejo It is a rather short thread, but it is full of media and thanks to the Gifquistion it also has a couple of memes which I always appreciate. This thread is also the single reason why I am a little afraid of the single player battles.

The best rants:

Sometimes you must let of steam like it’s 1880.

5. Spears are too overpowered by @Morow One very recent and one of my most favourite threads overall. What I liked about this thread were the long and heated discussions between all the participants. Some were friendly other’s a little bit more direct. This threat really showed the different opinions new and experienced beta players had and the different opinions in between esteemed beta players themselves. Spears are quite the spikey topic.

4. The absolute state of the Beta by @Pacemaker What started as a complain by a single player turned into a heated argument between players, mods, and the community support. It was a massacre almost of the scale of D-Day. And in between little me with hardly any distinctive opinion and a harmless demeanour. I will tell stories of this thread to my grandchildren. I guess the only one who can look proudly on this post is @MArdA TaleWorlds for keeping his cool that day.

3. Premade Classes Discussions by @Callum Let’s have a chat, shall we? If the beta has taught me anything it is one thing: I never want to be a Community Manager for any Beta ever. I feel sorry for Callum because he has been roughed up quite a bit during the beta by the community. This thread was no rant by Callum himself, but it turned into an unreadable mess quickly. It simply is a topic that I wouldn’t want to touch with a stick. I can understand both sides but as much as I appreciate our Community Manager it is hard to call 8 vs 546 posts a Discussion or Chat.

2. Potential multiplayer skins leak by @Younes123 Skins and Microtransactions - the real purpose of the class system? How much money does Talewords actually make? How much do they need? And can armagan really be trusted? Find out here. Also, lots of OT.
If you are looking for conspiracy theories look no further. I on the other hand have trust in armagan’s statement.

1. I love the communication we’ve been getting. Keep it up Taleworld! By @Noudelle After reading the OP the I was confused. That didn’t sound like Noudelle at all. Then my sarcasm-sense started to tingle. To be honest I can’t blame him. The communication has been an issue for the entire beta, and I hope that EA is going to be better. But without @shin the whole thread was a little bit easier to digest.

Best memes and gifs

Best memes, gifs and running gags.

4. Butterlord memes.
Butterlord memes are art and culture. Even though they are not all as picturesque as this one by @Piconi

3. Spears are totally fine by @Gab
That music, that snotty title and the video itself.
I love it. (Also, I am in there)

2. Devblog memes.

Have you ever waited for a devblog? Or have you ever checked out on of the devblog threads?
They are a goldmine. Every single one of them. This one is probably the best example:
1. Good and Evil Callum by @Piconi
This is and will always by my favourite beta meme:
Let`s deescalate this a little bit ..?
Callum is just an employee at TW, that decision have most likely already been made before he joined in 2017.

I feel like all of forumites here see him like this

But with the way he expresses himself and the fact he always at least tries to look for a solution for our problems, i always look at him like this

Reasons why playing solo sucked.

I played most of my time solo in Skirmish. It sucked. Sometimes.

3. @Varadin
As someone who hadn't any connection to competetive Warband, Varadin was the first player that ever stood out to me.
Playing with him meant winning, playing against him ment loosing. That was the life of the solo player.

2. @Pacemaker & Hype Z
German Blitzkrieg. Enough said.

1. VG's goodnight squad.
Every weekend after atleast 10 pm VG-Clan started to play. Getting queued against these guys over and over again had to be one of the most frustrating things ever. But what kills you apparently makes you stronger. I wouldn't deny that I reached the 250 wins mark thanks to these guys. But over the whole Beta I still did most of my games by myself. And I am proud of it.

Best bugs and glitches:

3. Giants in Calradia I had to to put this bug so low on the list because I never experienced it myself. It sure looks fun though.

2.Disfigured Horses

This has to the most common bug of recent times. I always thought it looks funny to see horse-ish things stuck in the air like a fly in a spiders web.

1, Highway to hell I am not sure if these bugs are the same but they are very similair. It always was good for a laugh to get shot through the map like a canonball.
- a small shoutout to @WhiteEyedSh4rk as I used has captures here

The best patchnotes
Literally gamechanging.

6. b07.1 A small step for Bannerlord but a big step for @XDaron. This patch finallly gave us autorun back- other than that it is hardly remarkable.

5. b.5.0 This this finally gave us the first large designated Team Deatchmatch- Map. Before that we had to play & test on either an Captain-Mode map with really bad spawns or on the beautiful but way to small Imperial Villa-map. Still, that was around the time where I stopped playing Deathmatch.

4. b0.4.0 This patch gave us the best map in all the Beta; The Isle of Deridad. To this day, there is no map that has as much of an atmosphere as this map and suddenly everybody was playing Captain. We have to thank @Boraltay among others for this awesome map.

3. b.0.3.5 This patch was the start of a long way to fix archers in Captain mode. Before this patch every captain match was filled with archers and depending on your faction it was an unfair repetetive mess. Still Archers stayed OP for a long time after this patch.

2. b.0.7.0 This patched improved the Individual AI massivly. Players that modded the beta had a blast duelling high level NPCs and it also improved Captain Mode. Last but not least, this patch has obivously a large impact on the singleplayer, too.

1. b.0.8.0 This is easily the undisputed best patch in the whole beta. It addressed the limited perk-system we had previously and improved the class system siginificantly.
Also every single unit in the game got a visual overhaul - most based on propositions by the community in the Creative Unit Aesthetics- archive. From one day to another we had a absolutly different game. And we helped!

Last words:
That was actually a lot of work for a thread that nobody is going to read. Damn.
Looking at this thread, some may think that I only like the memes and ranting players and that I have a dislike for everything Taleworlds does. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am very gratful for having the chance to be a part on this Beta for such a long time. I want to sincererly thank all of Taleworlds and the community ( especially VG clan) for the great time we had in the beta and I am looking forward to the new changes that will come with the start of EA.
See you on the battlefield!

Edits: Replaced honourable mentions, added best bugs and glitches and fixed layout and grammar and added the best patch notes
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Beautiful thread. Brought a tear to my eye.

I remember at the start of the beta when I was still a young innocent soul who had nothing negative to say about anything. And as the weeks and months flew by, I started to feel my mental stability slipping, a slave to the addictive nature of unpaid QA...
I make it my resolution to become a more wholesome forum member. No longer will I engage in ****posts or bad faith arguments.

A few points:
- Gibby deserves more credit. He doesn't post as often as others, but his are very consistently some of the most well written, informative and coherent posts on this website.
- Tork deserves a mention a mention somewhere.

What a great thread to send it off.

Looking at this thread, some may think that I only like the memes and ranting players and that I have a dislike for everything Taleworlds does. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am very gratful for having the chance to be a part on this Beta for such a long time
I don't think anyone could ever argue that in good faith about anyone who has dedicated themselves to the beta. We're all here because we love Mount & Blade and because we want to see it realize its potential.
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Despite having been around since 2012 I've rarely ever visited the Taleworlds forums.

Now, with all that's going on and that what OP mentioned. It's been great fun so far!



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I am very new to Mount & Blade. But I must say the community, Threads like these and and TaleWorlds make a great place to visit, unlike other game communities...
Hopefully you guys interested in the Multiplayer get the combat system you like so Bannerworld will be as successful as it can be.


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Haha cheers mate, thanks for the wonderful thread. It's been a long way, and I certainly hope that once Early Access comes to an end and the game is finished, we will be able to look fondly at this time and recognize just how much the game improved since, and what a worthy successor it turned out to be. A game which we will sink countless hours in, and enjoy every one of them, as we did for Warband. Goodbye beta.
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For someone who hasn't been paying that much attention to forums throughout the beta, I must express my gratitude towards you for making such an awesome recap. Appreciate it - good work - thanks bro.


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Great thread, thank you to everyone who's been around to help with feedback and discussions, it's been a blast to do civil debates with many of you. It's been a nice journey, but it's not over. Early access awaits.


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I feel bad that this thread is being ignored. A lot of effort was put into it, and it's clearly better quality content than most of what gets posted here.
And I'm not just sating that because of all the prestigious awards I've been given.
My godawful ****post from yesterday got over 400 comments and 15K views in under 24 hours, and this genuinely great thread barely gets any attention. There is no justice in this world.
Although I guess this shouldn't surprise me, since most people on this board probably aren't interested in the beta.


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As far as I'm concerned, thank you for your kind words. In addition, I would like to underline how lucky Taleworlds is to have the community it has. In any area of business strategy it is essential to adapt to the needs of the customers, what they want and what they will eventually want. That is why Taleworlds is so lucky; it has hundreds of feedback pages with extremely interesting proposals that hopefully will not end up in the memory box. The communication with the customer is ESSENTIAL and in this process coming by EA; doubly important.

Steve Jobs said that -"You can't just ask customers what they want and try to get it for them. By the time you get it, they'll want something new".


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Perfect thread, finally some credit for the guys who deserve it.

You should also note some achievements through the course of the beta: @Pacemaker first to 10,000 kills (I believe), @Gab around 1000 hours played, @Kortze26 1000 ranked matches played and some others I've forgotten. Although these may not seem like crazy achievements, they're worth a mention for persevering with it no matter how bad of a state the game was in.

I hope to see another one of these at the end of EA.
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This is blessed, that's some serious and really useful work you did right there.
Let's hope this thread gets the visibility it deserves.


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Thank you for all the honours :party:
Besides that, you encapsulated the workflow between the testers and TW quite realistically, which is very good for the wider public audience without a forum account (thus without access to the Beta board of this forum) to be introduced with, more so because it is a basis for what it will continue to develop into during the Early Access period.
Early Access has peeked its head over the edge, and since yesterday we already have the fans favourite mode as permanent - SIEGE !
See you all there !

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Really interesting thread, it was nice to see some of my favorite moments here even if I was not the most active user.


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Thank you for all the honours :party:
Besides that, you encapsulated the workflow between the testers and TW quite realistically, which is very good for the wider public audience without a forum account (thus without access to the Beta board of this forum) to be introduced with, more so because it is a basis for what it will continue to develop into during the Early Access period.
Early Access has peeked its head over the edge, and since yesterday we already have the fans favourite mode as permanent - SIEGE !
See you all there !

That randy gif is out of this world haha. You really made me laugh! Svaka cast 😀