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Although I highly dislike where the developer took the game (Not Bannerlord ... I love Bannerlord) "Last Oasis".

The multiplayer server / client system worked really well. I can only imagine 2-4 player coop, or even larger PVP servers based off of the tile system they have implemented in that game. Imagine each tile being a Regional Town, with it's surrounding three settlements. perhaps 2 - 3 tiles spread between that represented forest and plains.

Taleworlds could have even made it persistent, and 1 hour real time would have equated to 1 day game time. Could have setup ownership of hide outs, within the vacant squares between towns. Allows for a survival light, and player vestment into the world. Building up your hideout, or military base camp. Keeping your armies fed.crafting armors, and forging weapons. Even more so once they finally take a castle or town.

The logistics of a multiplayer coop where friends are all residing on a separate tile can work. Look at how "Empyrion Galactic Survival" does it, and that is on a clunky "UNITY" engine.

Boy I wish I could code ...

Ah well ... I can only day dream, and hope one day a Dev thinks along the same lines.

War and Peace,


there's this random village on Bajor? And the head guy has a bit of an Orb... somehow? And for centuries, the leader's been tricking the people into thinking that they're being attacked by a cloud monster so they'll come together to defeat it? And then he dies and for some reason O'Brien has to do it instead? And everyone's terrified of the cloud monster even though they've always succeeded in 'defeating' it? And you'd think the Bajoran Occupation would have given them some real monsters to fight against, instead of this really non-menacing cloud?
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