If we can’t have Camels in the Aserai unit tree…..

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Earth Dragon

Can we switch the Caravan guard to Camelry?

The Standard Caravan Guards could have two stacks of Javelins and a polearm, and the Veteran Guard could be a Camelry Archer.

This would actually be the best representation of Camelry in game anyway since extensive use of caltrops decreased they’re role on the battlefield. But they were still heavily used as Road Wardens and Raider units (as they could quickly transverse terrain that horses were slowed down on).

So while I would still LOVE to see the Skirmisher come back to the Aserai troop tree and be upgraded into Spear chucking Camelry, getting them as the Caravan Guard would give players an easy source to load up if that was something they were interested in
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