If TW releases features such as: criminal empire & naval system as DLC's will you purchase them?

Will you purchase the dlc's?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 22.4%
  • No

    Votes: 21 16.8%
  • Depends on price

    Votes: 34 27.2%
  • **** off

    Votes: 42 33.6%

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Why should we? I didn't mind Viking Conquest as a DLC or NW, but to add a feature IN bannerlord? Nah not worth it, modders can do it easily.


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Not if the base game was the same. Those are pretty small features and Navals already been done so no biggie. They need a major splash statement DLC or Overhaul patch to get me re-interested.
I would only buy DLC that can be incorporated into the main campaign/sandbox. Not something like Napoleonic Wars or something that will not interfere with the main world.

I am also going to buy TW's space game. Love space and something like Bannerlord but in space would just be grand.


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Base game will never even deliver what was promised in the first place, stop asking to be even bigger cash cows. This shouldn't even be considered as DLC. Its the acceptance of **** like this in general across the industry which has made it so in the first place.
Inb4 40 individual paid DLCs policy

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Only if the DLC is released in early access, so we can give feedback to improve it.
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Depends on what you can do with the criminal stuff and ships. If it's similar to other features that are just a menu and no gameplay, then no I won't really care.
I have spent money on DLC for other game in the past so yes , but content and price comes into too. If they add 1 special troop to the game for me £2 thats it but if was advanced interesting game mechanics that open new ways to play more options and npc's could do it and it worked (crusader kings plotting style things like that) i would spend more.
Criminal empire was meant to be in the base game but was removed for whatever reason. Reintroducing it as a dlc would be stupid..Taleworlds aren't this thick so I find these polls do more harm than good..your stirring **** for sake of it.


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For me, another option is needed in this poll : It depends on the depth of the DLC and the quality.
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five bucks

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I would buy naval combat as a DLC if it worked and they fixed the base game.

I would not buy criminal empires as DLC because it was supposed to be in the base game.
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DLC based on eastern asia or africa would be amazing.

With an expanded map and factions to go with it.


Mount & Blade: Bannerlord Banner Lord DLC pack coming Q4 22! Includes 3 new colors, 4 new icons, and a flag pole posted at the main reinforcement point in each fight (cavalry somehow get stuck on this pole and we cannot fix this)

Only $20 (on sale 50% off for a limited time only)


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Though I am resentful of the way we've gone from expansion packs for games to DLC adding what should be basic features nowadays, I can't say I wouldn't buy DLC for Bannerlord.
DLC based on eastern asia or africa would be amazing.

With an expanded map and factions to go with it.
The game map is very small really considering the clan system an having children. you can conquer the map be for you children reach age of battle. Look at it now after playing the game on and off since launch . The map should have been 4 times the size at least. In a way even with everything they got in the game its seems aimed at a one character playthrough. Alexander was sadden when he saw king Philip II of Macedon triumphs. Years later the king told Alexander " My son, ask for thself another kingdom, for what i leave is to small for thee". But not in Bannerlord the maps too small.


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This company doesn't deserve your money or your loyalty.

That's all there is to it.

Buy games from better developers who actually respect their customers and their community.
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