If not Bannerlord .......... then what is the current " best MB experience " ?

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Maybe in your head, but not in the real world.

BB is not a combat-only game. It's squad-management + RPG + TB combat. There's less grind because quests are varied and party management is complex and your bros level straightforwardly through combat... not through repetitively doing one task over and over.

In BB, you often fight close battles and lose men that you've grown attached to. Every decision about quests or combat tactics is a life-or-death struggle where the blood of your brothers has a tangible value in gold. Flanking or playing defensive could make or break a battle. Risking your men to mob a knight and stab him to death with daggers to preserve his expensive armor could mean the difference between your men being bloodstains on the grass or starving to death or becoming heroes. Wounded veterans can be rehabilitated - where they're more likely to die in combat - or sent off into retirement, which depletes your pool of experienced fighters.

In MB, you fight nothing but lopsided battles and spend hours grinding looters or grinding smithing or grinding leadership or grinding honor or what-have-you.

And, as I said, mass combat in BL is broken-on-arrival with practically no tactical nuance other than - say - babysitting archers so they stay on high ground and don't get mobbed. In other words: it's a grind.

There is no comparison to the grind of MB/BL vs the grind in BB. It's night and day. I don't know what your problem is.
I don't think it's that hard to understand what I posted but I don't want to derail the original discussion any further.
Idduno guys, if the games are too grindy maybe get good🤡? In warband I just kick the door down with full rhodok sharpshooters, lol nice shields guys, get em bulk at cost-co? I can just mass produce troops with trainer by taking stacks out of a garrison just before midnight too.

Indecently when I WANT to play Bannerlord in a grindy way I CAN'T, like I want to just sit here and starve this castle but they stop starving!
@Apocal I went in there to fire squad them and a little stinky militia kill one of my Khan's Guards! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-set


In my case Propeshy of Pendor is close to all my hours on Warband.

I tried to get into other mods, but I simply cant love them after playing PoP.

I feel I can always improve, and I love it.

I know there a lot of good mods out there, but no one trapped me as PoP.
Viking Conquest with the Balance mod is definitely where its at for me. Just wished it had some sort of Diplomacy sort of mod for it too. And its general variety isn't the best, but it is a feature.


highest level coders as taleworlds as they have

but no I wasn't referring to a AAA team necessarily. I'd honestly love it if a group of the modders got together and created a game. As it is they carry this game and TW just profits off the free labor.
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By "real studio" I imagine @Fate is talking about one that actually develops games instead of molesting digital sheep on top of a giant pile of our money.

Otherwise agreed: I wouldn't trust a AAA dev to compete with TW. At this point, it's clear that modders are better at making MB than TW is... if one could afford to buy a working engine, then they'd blow TW out of the water. That "if" is pretty much implausible, from what I understand.

Yep, never meant AAA specifically. I generally have much more faith in passionate indie developers


BannerPage is having a concerning issue with Diplomacy. They are using the 4.3 version from 2012!!!.
There is a particularly annoying destructive bug that when you check for the equipment of your troops you might lose inventory items. specially the bottom ones.
I recall telling you the same thing when you complained about having vassals.
But I'm good at getting vassals too, I do the same thing you do (except I skip being vassal go really big first)and they run the show themselves. I just think it sucks and prefer to be a solo clan. Like I want to tell them to do stuff and I can't, so boooo!


Currently I enjoys modded Warband more than Bannerlord.

Favorite mods:
1: The Last Days. Pretty much my favorite mod. Unique, plays well, runs well, very good optimization.
2: Gekokujo. The basic version. Pretty much the best optimized mod in Warband's history. I also like pike&shot warfare.
3: Deeds of Arms and Chivalry. Very nice historical mod (100 years war). Some scenes are buggy, but no big deal. Looks lovely and plays well.
4: Crusaders of Might and MAgic. Unfinished, unbalanced. Crazy fun. Not suited for a serious long term campaign, but this is the mod I start up when I have a spare 20 minutes only, and want to get into some fun fights.

Also liked:
1: Prophesy of Pendor. Not really for me. The setup phase is very-very long, seems neverending. But I have to admit that it is very polished, and a win is very satisfying, so I understand why it is popular.
2: Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth. Hm. Very unrealistic guns (you will be often instakilled by arquebus fire from 200m, while wearing a breastplate. LoL :grin:), but this south-east Asia setting is unique, the countries are different in both presentation and gameplay.
3: Viking Conquest. I loved my first playthrough, and the expansion is good quality. However it is realistic but grindy, similar to Brytenwalda.
4: 457 AD: Last Years of the Western Roman Empire. I would call this "Brytenwalda light". I really like this, because it feels similarly realistic, but you can actually play as a horse archer. The walking animations are horrendous though, so you want to fight on horseback.
5: Honor & Glory. This is rather a mod with very good potential. Similar to With Fire and Sword expansion, but the region is bigger. (ie. there are ottomans and Habsburgs). I really like this, because the feel is similar to WFaS, but with the quality of life improvements of Warband. There are some smaller bugs here or there (eg. Habsburg/Ottoman place names in Hungary, but understandable since the devs are not from the region). Developers are open to suggestions.
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