If a kingdom is wiped out, give its lands to rebels rather than nearest clan. Also negotiate with "rebels" to join your kingdom.

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Currently, if every single member of a kingdom is killed (entirely possible if the player character decides to execute everyone) their lands just instantly pass to the nearest clan regardless of anything else. This comes off as really random and arbitrary (especially since the player's clan is never a potential beneficiary), and actually makes things harder to take if everyone is dead vs. just lugging around one weak guy.

Since the game already supports having a lordless settlement in the event of rebellion, I propose making it so that if a kingdom is totally without nobles, "rebels" (using the name "X Remnants" instead if possible) take control of all settlements under the now extinct kingdom's control instead. This makes them easy pickings for anyone who wants to conquer them (as total collapse of government should make them). This could be taken a step further and, in the event of a rebellion or remnants, let you negotiate with a settlement for the nominally independent city's voluntary annexation into your kingdom. This should be relatively easy since negotiating for settlements is already implemented (though this should be at least somewhat cheaper), relationships with settlements are already tracked, and notables provide a "face" to do this with in the absence of lords.
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