Idea: How a bout an extra weapon slot on a horse?

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Would be a cool perk i suppose but it be awful online from my point of view, having someone have a handfull of shields would be anoying


Only need 3 slots as cavalry : Lance,Sword,Shield. Whats the point in having 5, shield,shield,shield,shield,lance?

I actually rather see less slots overall in the game so it becomes more diverse and not everyone is a jack of all trades.
No they arent, Maybe tor culture like empire and Vlandia they are enough but certainly not for Khuzait or Aserai as these cultures in actual history usually had their cavalry equipped with 5- 6 weapons. Usually a Lance, a bow. An arrow quiver, a sword, A shield and even some had mace/ small axes and even sometimes javelins. Ottoman Sipahi Cavalry . Persian Aswaran Knights . Camelry
I would just want to be able to carry a lance, a bow and arrows, sword and shield.
Totally agree, three slots would be better. Every player having a potential choice of three weapons and a shield or to weapons and two shields leads to most of the players becoming fairly general. It would be more interesting if people had to specialize more and it mite even encourage teamwork a bit. This would have to include the idea of the bundling of arrows/bolts with bows and crossbows though.

As an even more extreme idea you could have the slots divided up into weapon types. For example you could have one main weapon slot allowing any weapon, one secondary slot only allowing smaller 1h weapons, and one shield slot. And of course grate long axes would take up all three slots :lol:

Edit: This would solely be for the multiplayer of course. In the singleplayer its being able to be so generalized that makes battle so interesting.
rather interesting ideas!
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