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So the current spawn system for reinforcements is a bit weird. Troops are joining from another place although they are part of your current army.

To make the experience a bit more organic I came up with the following: instead of letting a killed unit die, check if there is reinforcement and refill hp if there are units left. I know there are limitations. Worst case is you have a completely type unique army: there wouldnt respawn any unit. But with huge armies I think that wont be the case. The first and initial spawn would need to be somewhat smart though.

This was just an idea and it is very basic but I'd like to hear your opinion about it. IMO it would make battles more realistic since it overcomes the limitations of army sizes in battles without having troops joining from "the sides".


i think this one goes in conflict with a bunch of different mechanics. most obvious Medicine and wounded soldiers.

the new reinforcement system is honestly the worst i have experienced since i bought the game last year in January.

I think it's more likely a 2K battle size will be implemented or the fixing of the current system. in some maps it's just broken, spawning troops behind charging enemies.

I end up having close to no control over the Battle and it kinda suck.


Thanks for your feedback :smile:

The soldiers could still be counted as wounded. What medicine mechanic would oppose this idea? Instead of an hp refill, the unit could be just replaced as well.


I think since people prefer different types of spawning, there could be an option in the menus to choose how you want units to spawn.
Some options are:
1. enemy spawn from enemy side
2. enemy spawm from 3 points from enemy side
3. no spawning ( fight in batches ) like if you retreat and then fight again with fresh units.
4. no spawning (calculate the rest of the battle based on how your small battle went)
5. refill health (your idea)

you get the point. I think I would use option 2 and 4 the most.
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