SP Sci-Fi Fantasy (idea float) a modular mod involving some Trigan visitors and friends

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i like pics so ill let these speak for me

That should give an idea of the type of mini factions im interested in, the last lot are the Fel things that followed these 1970's exiles thru the time portal (backstory wip) - anyway a smallish but could be fun an hope to keep max compatibility, so these little zeno's can visit any custom mod.

so just a thematic suggestion if any1 has some input that would be great, note i am notoriously disorganized so cant guarantee anything especially since im waiting on one mod i need more than the tools before i upgrade. But maybe i can add a slightly different(not to serious) but balanced playthru.

*btw if u can find the original comic its awesome
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Proto Trigan Legionnaires

so far fel are doing better...​

Anyway that shud give a little idea to the modding reality so far - guns will have to wait till tools (maybe)
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