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So I made a few edits to the Battanian troop tree, adding their newer armors onto their troops, changing their names, and making their skirmisher line into archers. While I was doing that last bit I slipped up and put "Archer" in the default group instead of "Ranged", which gave me the error. Upon realizing my mistake I fixed it, but the issue did not go away. I have roughly 3 units who are stuck under the "id str_troop_type_name doesnt exist!" tag, even though they are back to their default groups. I used my backup spnpccharacters, after I deleted my edited one, but that didn't solve the issue. So finally I resorted to deleting it, uninstalling my game, and reinstalling it but the bug is still there. I down graded from 1.5.8 to 1.5.7 and that didn't work either, so I moved back up to 1.5.8 to no avail.
Whats even more irritating is that all the name changes I made to my troops are still present everywhere else, though their equipment and stats are back to defaults. I have been messing with this for the past two days and am ready to just not play anymore as because of this bug, a swath of the map is totally unplayable. Any advice would be appreciated.
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