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Resolved Icons not loading

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No, I didn't use any mods.
I'm in 1.5.8 beta.

I had a problem where icons were not loading, then all of the icons not loading.

So I saved and closed the app. Verified the files. Restarted. Everything seems ok.

Second play, it happens again. Its as though the application is running sluggishly, not loading smoothly, and then I notice it again, icons not loading, and a number of textures seem to be... basic, not loading smoothly.

So this has happened twice now, so I decided to log it.


Yep, after you played for a while, this issue will happen. I believe that this is related to some optimization codes.

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We are aware of this issue. The team is currently working towards a fix. Thanks for reporting!

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One of the fixes we hope to fix this issue was in the hotfix yesterday but it did not fix the issue. We are still working towards this. Thanks!
One thing I noticed in my game.

I did a village mission which was to clear out a bandit hidout, I did this as I was trying to unsuccessfully find the third part of the dragon banner.

SO I finished the mission and then I noticed that the other hideouts had appeared and small numbers of forest bandits and sea raiders were roaming about. Its as though the problems were connected.

Icons have so far remained stable.

I have also noticed weird patchwork texture loading on peasants, and icons not being aligned on shields. Also there is considerable lag on loading textures and items.
Actually I just checked the game and all the icons are spinning and in the smithy all the portraits are missing as well.

Time to verify the files again


After a long session I noticed images fail to load, and items/troop lists take longer to load and prone to the spinning. A restart fixes it, the memory leak that was very noticeable before last hotfix seems to be gone though. At least haven't had any crashes due to it since, and that with long sessions...


I read in the latest patch notes that this problem is supposed to be fixed but it still exists.


I have "fixed" it on my end sort of by doing some tweaks.

1. in performance put it to low or medium tops.
Exit the game.
2. go into your bannerlord folder delete the shaders, then verify on steam and it should download them fresh again.
3. unplug your network! thats right after I did this final step - I can see sometimes the spin starts but only cause I'm aware of it, and it goes away "instant".

My guess is that the program they have that collect data + our firewalls/anti-virus is causeing too much issues for some reason or another.
Overall I think the issue is that memory isnt correctly set when we choose the performance, cause that did help alot(instead of 10-30 min of play I could play for 1hr before it happend).
Yanking out the network cable I played 2 sessions for 2hrs + in each and didnt have the issue.
I only took a break to eat(and well you all should take breaks while playing anyways heh)
As of today, the textures were all matt black, main character on the map was a bi ball of scattered polygons, the icons didn't load...

So its still in play.
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