Icon images loading....stuttering

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Pulse check. So, go to open up my party inventory for the first time, and every image of every item needs to load. Takes 10+ seconds.

eh, ok, i guess

Go to open again, and for a few seconds, the screen holds, then opens fully, and some items need to load again.


Open up the map...and there is a delay.

Open up my character tab....and delay

It's like I'm going from page to page on the internet, and I have a dialup connection. Is this the case for everyone? My PC is pretty good, I run intense games on medium even high like CoD Warfare.

Any tips to speed this up? Thanks


This used to be a common complain in the previous versions. I never had it. The only solution I can think of is to move your game to an SSD if you are using an HDD for the game.
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