I would like to use lastest Native economy on Freelancer 1.5. Help please?


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One thing I miss about Native post 1.157 is this from a change log:

-Rebalanced in-game economy to encourage a range of propserity among towns (previously most towns became rich or very rich).'

Freelancer 1.5 is based on Warband 1.143 and in the game every village is rich or very rich even after multiple raids, which makes the game unbalanced and 'deliver grain' quest unobtainable, like, ever.

Is there a way to copy&paste 1.168 native file on Freelancer mod folder to override the old values with the new change?

Or if I could make deliver grain available at any prosperity level that would do as well.

Thanks in advance!


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You will likely need the module system to do this.  You should be able to integrate Freelancer with the newest module for Warband but you will need to learn how to use modmerger and Notepadd ++ or some other editing tool.