I Wonder if ANYONE at TaleWorlds is Actually Proud of Bannerlord?

I Wonder if ANYONE at TaleWorlds is actually Proud of Bannerlord?

  • Yes, there is plenty here to be proud about !

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • It's probably a mix - some of them look back proudly at some particular aspects of the game

    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • Surely they can't be ! - the game is a mess and clearly unfinished in so many ways

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • Most of them probably don't care - the company made a lot of sales money

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • Most of the staff have probably moved on and are working for other studios now

    Votes: 10 38.5%

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They must be very proud to make the bones of a game and watch the modders make the flesh, the organs, the nervous system, you know any sort of complex or interesting idea, but yeah there are things to be proud I guess.

I was playing today watching the colourful banners provided by POC mod in a foggy day in Vlandia (provided also by weather mod) and I was really impressed and immersed, too bad the AI kept making strange decisions and the battle finished almost instantly without any incredible peak combat situation, guess I'll have to wait for a mod that makes AI not just stand in front of a door and allow itself to be killed by me just going around it.

I feel like mods are always reaching a new horizon that Taleworlds never dared to cross but it also feels like the amount of modders doing so is diminishing.
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