I was able to recruit a mercenary clan into my kingdom as a vassal

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Chud Grease

I'm doing a playthrough of the game, trying to form a kingdom from scratch. I have Riding 225 and Scouting 225 so I was able to whittle down a kingdom. With so many prisoner lords I learned you can recruit them by talking to them from a button in the party tab; it's how I've recruited a few nobles. This wasn't a feature that was always in the game, so I began to wonder how well implemented it was. Taleworlds didn't seem to account for mercenary clans and I was greeted with the same speech check that always occurs when recruiting a lord. A pass and 30k later, I now had a mercenary clan as a proper vassal. This is clearly a bug but I thought it was so sick, in the first playthrough I made a kingdom my first move was to get these clans to join and now I finally get to do it. When my account is able to, I'll make another post with an image that shows it.

TLDR: You can recruit them from the prisoner screen

Edit: Seems as though they still act as a mercenary, as one left despite holding several fiefs returning to being a solo clan (they don't take the fiefs with them either)
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