I want to make a mod called Man & Beast for Mount & Blade 1.011 what do u think?

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In the land of Rayne (pronounced rain) there are four tribes each with a different sacred animal. They dress in the animals skins and fight side by side with their sacred animal type or mount them.


Unaut (pronounced You not) The people of the boar, pefered weapon the spear have packs of boars that fight along side with them.

Istol (pronouced Iz Toll) The people of the bear, prefered weapon the mace, ride bears.

Amote (prounouced Aim mote) The people of the deer, prefered weapon bow and arrows ride deer.

Ridar (prounouced Ride Dare) The people of the wolf, prefered weapon the axe have packs of wolves that fight along side with them.

This is what ive got so far ( Just started yesterday) if there is anyone that has suggestions or offers to help plz message or comment.
I want to modify the pack animals so they can be in the companion slot and you can buy armour for them. An idea catch your pack animals by hunting using a dart gun or nets? If anyone can help me with my mod it would be appreciated. I need some people to help me with this.
Revan Shan said:
What do I think? In one word: Warband.

Touche, le petit lapin.

Anyway, tarlytegirl, don't get your hopes up too high. I remember the first time I modded. I was trying to make the mythological Norse world, complete with Yggdrassil, different races, flying chariots, magic, etc. Oh, and flaming giants. (Now with all these technological advancements within the Taleworlds community, I might be able to pull it off, but I need to learn more modding before that can happen)

Best of luck!
I have alot of time on my hands. i know it will be hard and i will try but i know i might not be able to do it. but it never hurts to try.
Interesting. I considered doing a mod based on tribal beast races as a wee side project to TGC, never took the idea anywhere though. This has sort of been done before, but not to that depth. :/ I just think, that using the animals like that right, as units, is gonna get silly with workarounds. Idk, myself, I think we restrain ourselves too much with the standard idea of M and B, instead of expanding it. However, for TGC, I was thinking about introducing some new mounts etc. I'm considering bringing in a light fantasy element, with some beasts etc. Only problem being that the horse rig isn't flexible enough to allow for different physiological structure. It can be done, but I think you'd need Iron Launcher, fresh Rigs and animation sequences, and a lot of restructuring of the coding. Admittedly, I have nothing against Iron Launcher, its at the back of my mind as a consideration to implement the different races of humans with different heights etc as well as skin tone, hair, and eye colour defining the race. So I could have fat people, thin people, muscular people. But its a lot of work, and buggy as hell with clipping and stuff. As to equipping armour? You do know that the armour would basically require a separate mesh each time?
Well you will probably need to do most of the work your self. Do you allready know anything about moding?
i Write the way to pronounce the worlds because on native alot of the names of people and places are hard for me to know how to pronounce them.
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