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So, I'm playing a female character. She is past breeding age, and I want my sister I saved in the main quest to take over before she's too old to breed too. So, I need my main character to die (abdicating your kingdom doesn't work like I had hoped). I have death and birth enabled, I have chance of clan member death set to realistic, I removed my armor, set party surgeon off of the companion with actual medic skill, and I've mainly tried to die against forest bandits since I think their arrows make it more likely to be lethal than some other factions that might use some blunt weapons. So far no luck, I'm the Highlander. Is player battle death enabled (1.5.10)? Is there anything I can do to increase my chance of death?


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If you do not want to wait for a natural death, the only option you have is to enable cheats to kill your MC.
No I think there's a way, go do something really bad (seige and leave over and over) to get very high negative relations with a clan, maybe look for one who's leader is cruel or other negative trait, then put all your stuff and troops and members away and go attack them alone and get captured, there should be a chance of them executing you if they really hate you. Maybe save-reload until happens.

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You can either use cheats to kill your main character or go into a siege with low health, and get shot in the head with arrows.
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