I want more music!

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The music really is great, the best medieval soundtrack to release in a long time. Can we expect more music?


I am also astonishingly curious about it. The soundtrack really touched me for the most part. It felt... Good. I would like to suggest a future patch, or even DLC, with more music. TW can hire the same musicians and make more tracks, with the same themes. It could be awesome, though cost-intensive, probably. I haven't played it nearly enough to have heard most of the tracks, but they felt really good. Much, much better than I expected, and trailers and gameplay videos make absolutely no justice to how good the music actually is in-game.
That can wait til the official release. Though if they sale more than enough of this game in EA they might as well -- the devs aren't gonna be writing songs or performing it anyway.
And I demand every song be written after Conan the Barbarian's movies themes.


Yes it's very good. I like the background music when you're in the southern desert the best. I love how it changes depending on where you are.
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