I uninstalled Bannerlord today - I literally cannot join a Multiplayer server

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I haven't tried Bannerlord since the release. Today I updated the game and launched MP, without any optimism, but I still had hope.

Three times I tried to join a TDM server and three times the game crashed without even loading the map.

I can't anymore. I know you've all read your fair share of crazy bug reports, but I have to share this:
- I've been playing MP since early access started, whilst experiencing constant crashes, the multiplayer was mostly playable
- About a year ago, Siege mode became unplayable for me as it started crashing within 2-3 minutes of joining a server (I've uncovered this has to do with my texture settings, of all things, but I'm still not sure how to fix it)
- Starting this year, even TDM maps started to crash within minutes of joining a server
- Now, after two years of development, I cant even join a TDM map, the game simply crashes.

I'm sorry for making another topic like this, but this situation is simply incomprehensible to me. I don't understand how can something like this happen, how can a game actually get worse even after so much time in development.

Worst of all is that I really enjoyed this game. It even got me to start modding. I actually learned how to work in freaking Blender just to make mods for Bannerlord. I was very passionate about this game. But today I've lost all hope. I'm not even mad, just shocked and disappointed. I'll check back next year, but I doubt I'll find a reason to install Bannerlord again. Good luck to all of you who have the endurance to keep playing.
1 year ago this game was great. Super fun, didn't crash nearly as often, and people could just hop into the queue for NA EA captains mode servers 24/7 (there was always people).

Now, even on the busiest holidays, no one can play any official servers except EU once in a while and its always just those maxed clans. The custom servers are okay, but never as fun as the random queues were; especially when it was 40 loot to win and 15 for a loss(it made people try harder)

Unless they fix the official multiplayer servers or a really cool custom mod server comes along that's not lame cRPG, then I'll continue to play less and less
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