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I think this game needs a lot more...

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Hello, I'm member of this community since Warband came. I played the campaing (I even have a complete guide of the SP in Spanish - posted several videos about M&B) and the MP with my clan.
Thing is Bannerlord doesn't give me what I wanted, and yes, totally personal but the feeling after a long time playing its: "Warband 2.0" and I see broken things that already worked well in Warband...

So in short... items listed that I expected and I want for the game are:

  1. More realistic movement of the character (this really annoys me, we need a sprint or a more faster movement) - And I know that if you have high perks you will run like Usain Bolt, that's not the point here. The movement is so unreal and unpolished... feels clunky and super slow at the beggining, the same thing with the horse and the mount/dismount. The character movement needs more animations and mobility.
  2. Sieges and FPS - I think I don't have to explain a lot here... this is the same since Warband. The FPS drop is huge, even if you have a good rig. I don't know how to solve it but this need to be fixed asap, it is unplayable!
  3. More character customization and roleplay - Improving the IA and how they interact with the world is nice, but the game feels empty more often that I would like... more random events when you're a ruler, marriage expanded, heros complaining like Warband.
    And the clothes are super great but they are so big... I understand this for an armor but normal clothes as well?
    Same goes to the character, the character needs more hair types, weight control and other things / banners as well, more colors.
  4. The castles and cities more alive - When you have your first city is amazing, but then you go to your hall and nothing happens. Citizens don't ask for nothing, people are calm everytime... your wife isn't even there. I mean, its a city! I don't know if people already wanted this addons/fixes but I have the impression that Bannerlord will stay like what it is... Warband 2.0. And the way for that not to happen is adding things like this.
For now I don't know what else I should point but the FPS drops and the movement are two things that need to be fixed, make the game more exciting by adding a completely new movement system, people will disclaim perhaps, but the actual player movement feels like an eternal V-Sync/uncontrollable thing.

And for Multiplayer... I would like to have the old classic battle system... and a expanded Clan tab and section, that was nice to see! Hope dedicated servers are coming, people in South-America and other parts of the world can't play it :smile:



Master Knight
More realistic movement of the character
Nope (too hard, they can't do it, too many other things to finish, hope for mods maybe)
Sieges and FPS -
Yep, the fps gets better in some versions and worse again later, but sieg is going to be a loooong process to get good
More character customization and roleplay
Absolutely, I can put up with the janky broken **** but I NEED to build my char and have player agency to really enjoy the game.
The castles and cities more alive
Maybe..... I mean they made new sheep models....


I think they can help the movement issue pretty easily by slightly increasing movement speed at low athletics, but reducing how insanely fast you become at higher athletics skill. The curve is too strong, otherwise I love the animations and just want to see the speed difference smoothed out.

Character customization, roleplay and towns feeling alive would be something that will just come naturally as other updates are introduced. They've recently added character customization/roleplay with the barbers, and the town gang quest is pretty cool (although you're likely to miss it completely, it's not easy to simply come across it)
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