I think the size of a battle should factor into renown earned.

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This always bothered me about Mount&Blade. I think if you fight in a big battle alongside kings and lords, even if the sides are even, you should be getting more renown than fighting against a bunch of nameless bandits and looters. Especially if you're responsible for a lot of the casualities on the otherside.
Renown is more tied to how well you personally do in the battle. If you enter into a 200 v 200 battle, and only kill a few soldiers, you'll get a dozen or so renown points. But if you cheat, and cntrl+alt-F4 you'll get the max, which is around 50 renown, so it's more tied to personal accomplishment than presence I think..

That and there are faction policies to increase this, and I think a few perks, which are not properly working right now
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