I really love to play this mod...AGAIN...


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I love the story of Temujin...Damn so inspiring... :cool:

**Look at the sub-title**

I'm really looking forward on this mod....

Wish you all the best guys... :grin:


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of cause it inspiring his father was killed , he unite mongol , he defeated Jin in china and capture Beijing,he capture iran ,he invade russia, he have one of the largest empire in the History of Mankind  and after he died his sons/grandson countinue his legacy,his son kubai khan conquer china and have many tribute state , his 2 son khan of the blue and white horde form golden horde,the other 2  have quite a number of  area too but  to my suprise when Temujin died he gave 100 thousand men to his youngest son Prince tulei and 4 thousand each to his other son and 3 thousand for his wife brother imagine the other 3 khan would be defeeated easily


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Sensei said:
What is the point of this thread  :grin:
Expressing the love you might have for this mod, the Mongols or Khengis Khan.

Only love I have is this mod's style in combination with my HDR. Horse archers ftw.