I really enjoy the early game and find my self making excuses to start new games.

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I do the same thing in warband too. I do almost the same stuff every time but it doesn't work out the same which is interesting.
Part of it is of course I was appalled by behavior of my vassal when I made a real kingdom, so don't want to do that until more stuff is added. And I did a kill em all play through before, which I enjoyed but once was enough. I think I like the challenge of getting control of a town and the power to .... overpower factions and trying to further streamline it and out do my abuse of the AI.

I just love the feeling of the first looter encounter on a fresh char. I wish there was deserter like in warband. You always see some at the spawn and.... .do you feel lucky? Can you take em out with just your hunting crossbow? Sometimes....


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Me too. I must have started over 10 times last week on an total obsession run. I finally usurped the ruler of the Sturgians by basically bribing all the lords until my reputation was sky-high, but then half of those f*ckers left to form their own principalities almost immediately, three neighboring empires declared war on me within days, and then I had a bloody month of fighting until I literally only had one clan as a vassal and like 4 castles. I had a bunch of allies, but we all know how fragile those relationships are. Totally a blast, but I kept wondering how I'd screwed it up to have everyone bail on me. This time I'm going to try and marry into the family before I try and take over :smile:


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Yep, I have the same feeling, I really like early game. I have been thinking about It and the reasons behind this:

- Game becomes pretty easy once we get a strong army with tons of archers. Archers are pretty OP and we simply can defeat stronger armies while losing 3-5 men.
- While passive income has been overnerfed a bit, It is still easy to get tons of money defeating lords. I am still getting millions just defeating and selling loot.
- Snowballing, this is the main reason because I restart my campaigns. Snowballing makes most of campaigns pointless and not appealing at all to continue playing them.


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Yeah, I like the early- and mid-game, just being a merc or a low-level vassal, trying not to wipe because it hurts so much more when you have no garrison to draw from.