WB 3D Art I need to import obj armor to warband, but always not good.

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Hello there, I want to import some armor to warband. But it is really difficult for me, especially the body and to fit all those things.
This is the example of the armor


I hope to address this problem, just don't know how to do it.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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Well, you should make some screenshots on how it looks like when you tried to import it. Otherwise we cannot tell you what might have happened.

For a basic tutorial on how to import a new object read here (first one is for a sword, yes, but basics stay the same, second one is for multiplayer, yes, but some basics are also the same):
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Look some tutorials up on TW forum, basically. Objects to be imported have to be rigged as well and be compatible with OpenBRF's formats, such as .obj.
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