I need help


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Hi i'm new to this forum but i hope that you help me.

I downloaded the mod 8 times and every time  when i install it i receive a error message saying the file is corrupted, but is just 1 iten.

If someone can upload it for me i will be grateful because i really want to play this mod! looks awesome!

The file is cannon.brf and is located in Resources.



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Hi! there are many things that leads to this problem... I'm no professional but ill share my basic understanding of Informatics.

There is a possibility that your Anti-virus program detects some of the components in the download as malicious software... try turning your anti-virus chek off for this download (pretty hard Anti-viruses are built like the very viruses they try to block... sometimes you cant even delete it without special permission from the provider... imo, Norton = Slavery)

Maybe the program you use isnt able to extract this file because of a corruption while upload. I'd recommend you get WinAce or 7Zip as it unpacks files even if they are corrupted...

-I dont know enought to put a 3rd advice xD sorry