I need help with improving a mesh

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Okay. This is a request for a good mesh designer to help me out. I have a basic shield mesh (Its not very good as I am terrible at mesh building) but need it to be better. It is intended for my mod and any help with be credited. The basic Idea of the shield (the mesh of which will be posted in the morning) is a large rectangle shield (like the khuzait) with its central peice being angled forward to the middle point. On the back i would like a bar holding the arm strap and grip (Argive Grip) ((I tried to do this myself but it ruined the mesh in substance painter)). If possible (if anyone decides to help) i would like the top corners to sink into a curve as though to accommodate for a spear to rest through it in a sheild wall scenario.
If anyone is up for it, the mesh doesn't need to be stunning and beautiful, just to fit the idea better than my current one does.
Thanks inadvance of anyone is going to help
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