I need help finding "xml" files in order to make a mod

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Greetings warriors of all Calradia!

I'm trying to make a simple mod for Bannerlord by editing some xml files, by now I have only done one that disables the hitmarker. Now I'm trying to edit the body collisions between characters and the only file I have found is the "monsters.xml" (inside Native\ModuleData) one where I can edit the "body_capsule radius" and make it bigger so that troops don't clip each other, well I know it has been changed in latest patches and that is just ok. Now I want find where does the game let your main character push troops and walk between them when they are in formation, you know, I want to it be stuck between troops if a player goes in a big melee so that they can feel that presure.

To explain it better, when you walk through two ally troops you move them and they slide to let you through, I would like to edit that. Sorry, I'm pretty new in to modding and unable to finde where this is done. Thank you for the help.

Have a nice day! :fruity:
What you look for should be in native_parameters.xml. You can play around with params like bipedal_radius, humanoid_collision
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