I need a code help the bandit attack city and upgrade soldiers to three grade

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I am a modder. but i can write code help the bandit attack city and upgrade soldiers to three grade.
Sorry because my english is not good
sorry for my English ability is not good.
Our group currently very difficult to write code.
We need this code to complete my new mod
+ Bandit attack castle, village and is capable of accounting for the castle, village
+ All the soldier in the mod would not hurt and  death
+ Character can recruit and the group, bounty hunters and traders
+ Submachine gun used
There are 5 branches to upgrade 1 soldier
If anyone can do 1 in the above code. We are happy to put names on the credit to thanks.
You can upgrade any troop to any other troop, but each troop can only have two branches. You can easily work around it with a dialog, menu, or even presentation.
Search the forum with the keyword auto-fire to find a number of scripts with semi-automatic weapons for SMGs.
Just add those miscellaneous bounty hunters or traders as part of the range of mercenaries. If you're talking about on the world map, that's just another dialog option.
You can use the
operation to stop troops from dying within a mission.
Finally, it takes a lot of code to make bandits attack centers. Try implementing things one at a time to be more familiar before attempting another goal.
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