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A self-quote that comes to mind. However, we now know the reason for the "not telling too much" thing. Luckily, we'll always have the memes. :lol:

I'm terribly afraid of what we're going to find after lifting the "spoiling too much and ruining the experience before you get to play it " blanket.

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Terco your memes always brighten up my day.
Maybe one day, when I am all grown up and I learned how to edit GIFs (and how to upload them here) I will be a big memer myself.

On a slightly more serious note:
I think it's good Devblog is burried. It's been on life support for too long.
Must've been frustrating for Callum aswell.
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Yeah I was not a big fan of the unnecessary hype myself. I honestly would compare what they did with No Man Sky myself (although I do think that the backlash that NMS got at release was exaggerated so I am glad it's not quite there for Bannerlord).